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APSIG2017 Fellow Ahlam M. Abu-Jadallah’s Testimonial

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APSIG2017 Fellow Ahlam M. Abu-Jadallah’s Testimonial

I would like to thank APTLD for the chance to the participants from the
Asia Pacific region to attend IG schools in different areas..

I would like to share my experience as an APSIG fellow:

The school was full of information, but I guess this information is in
expert level which is not suitable to be in a school. The lecturer were having
a lot of things to talk about, but most of them are theoretical not practical.

I thought that the school will engage the participants in discussion
sessions, working groups, case studies to work on. This type of sessions can
make the discussion and the school full of energy rather than the kind of
lecture which is not interesting and may be boring somehow.

I consider my participation in the school as a passive member, I am so
sorry for that, but in fact the school did not meet my expectations. I expected
to have round tables or case studies to analysis or discuss. Also I thought
that we may talk about the Internet Governance Pillars and how to apply that in
our countries. The sessions which talk about some real case studies in
different countries in the Asia Pacific region, are the most interested,
because these sessions will give us the knowledge and experience how things
went when we want to aware our people about IG and involve them in this new

Thanks again and I hope to participate in other IG schools.

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