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Testimonial of the Pioneer APTLD Fellow to EuroSSIG

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Testimonial of the Pioneer APTLD Fellow to EuroSSIG
It has been a tremendous experience being part of the European Summer School on Internet Governance (EuroSSIG) 2018 under APTLD Fellowship. From the day of arrival until the day I left the school, I was learning constantly. This program is undoubtedly an extremely intensive program, however, it is one that I enjoy every minute.
The program content is broad enough to cover a variety of topics in Internet Governance, from technical to political aspects. Every topics were relevant and even more so as the program progressing. The practicum was especially interesting, it introduced us to the concept of multi-stakeholder working situation, where we would learn how to work together to reach consensus on an issue in a real-life setup. Every one of us will learn something new be it a technical staff or a policy maker.
The faculty is experts of their own field, majority of them stayed for the whole program. So, they could be easily reached out to even after their session had ended, this was extremely helpful considering the time limit we had for each session. Extra questions could be addressed during meals and coffee breaks, which were much more relaxing and engaging.
The fellows are also very diverse both in their experiences and backgrounds, yet we share the same interest of internet governance. This makes the program even more interesting during social events and informal discussion. It was very valuable to find someone who was having the same issue or question with you and they can share with you a different view.
Meissen, where the program is held also constitutes to the wholesome experience of the EuroSSIG program. It is a calm and charming town, with impressive history. It was amazing how the organizer were able integrate learning sessions with social event seamlessly, so you can reset your mind and appreciate this beautiful town a little before getting back to an intensive learning program.
One could easily say being a part of the EuroSSIG program is a life-changing experience, because not only there is knowledge that you would gain, but you will be a part of a global community of experts, that you can continue to reach out to and continue to be inspired by.

Thanyalat Chaleunsouk (Ms)
.LA ccTLD Division, Lao National Internet Center (LANIC)

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