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Testimonial of Eldar Ishimbaev, an APTLD73 Fellow, .UZ

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Testimonial of Eldar Ishimbaev, an APTLD73 Fellow, .UZ

This is a review of the beginner. So, we have joined
last year APTLD and came to the next meeting.

Why am I here? First of all, I need to get acquainted
with the organization and its members and understand where I got. 🙂 In the second place, being the host of the next
meeting in Tashkent, Uzbekistan it is necessary to understand and see live how
an event of this kind takes place.

Now about the event itself.


1. GM has booked and provided the best flight to
Kathmandu, Nepal.

2. GM booked a great room in the excellent hotel of
Kathmandu, Annapurna Hotel (where in general the event was held).

3. Participation in trainings within 2 days prior to
the main event. In this case it was Introduction to Blockchain and Communication
in Crisis.

4. Nice sightseeing at the end of the event.

5. The best meetings with nice people for my whole

6. Excellent reports and presentations of the
meeting’s members.

7. Excellent host of .NP (Mercantile and Suraj


1. Have not!

2. I’m kidding, I have!

3. I was hoping for predefined meetings tet-a-tet,
they were not.

4. That’s all.

Thanks to the board, GM, and all members for their
invaluable experience, meetings and excellent communication. I hope for a
meeting in Tashkent. I hope that we will not disappoint you!


Eldar Ishimbaev

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