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The APTLD73 Communiqué

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The APTLD73 Communiqué

26 February 2018

The 73rd Members Meeting and AGM was held in the city of Kathmandu, Nepal on 22 and 23 February 2018. Like the previous Meetings, it marked further progress in the community’s development.

For APTLD it was the first time to hold its Meeting in Nepal. Co-located with APRICOT 2018, it benefited from the presence of APNIC’s experts who delivered professional, tailored  training sessions on blockchain and crisis communication. On both training days, there were quite a number of members in the room representing both APTLD members and the local community. Besides, APNIC executives contributed to the Meeting itself.

In addition to APNIC, APTLD welcomed RIPE NCC and ICANN, as well as GAC representatives, as speakers and moderators, and the audience enjoyed a direct informal interaction with high-profile experts. As far as future developments are concerned, some sessions, including the one on a possibility for registries to employ Blockchain and the one on the registry of the future, also allowed foresight debates and work in teams.

The local host, .NP, played a pivotal role in ensuring a high level of hospitality and provided an upgraded broadband connectivity which allowed a smooth flow of sessions.

With the turnout of over 90+, the Meeting was held in a hybrid format, with some sessions being held in the already traditional two-track mode. Meanwhile, a number of general sessions allowed the Members to engage in extensive discussions on a number of policy, technical, and operational matters.

To further expand the practice of engagement with peers outside of Asia Pacific APTLD tested a new approach, that is, pre-recorded presentations. Successfully delivered by speakers represented AFNIC, CIRA, .RU, and SIDN, they fit well into respective sessions to complement live speakers’ insights.

The Meeting proved an eye-opening experience for new Members – .UZ , .LA -,  and first-timers representing some long-standing members.

At the ensuing Annual General Meeting, Members approved by acclamation re-elected Board members Messrs. Gihan Dias (.LK) and Erhan Karabardak (.AU) and new Board Members Messrs. Hasnul bin Hasan (.MY) and Le Nam Trung (.VN). The Members also approved the 2017 Accounts and the 2018 budget should be sent to them for reference.

The community bid farewell to Choon Sai Lim (.SG), an APTLD veteran and the Board Chair in 2014-2017. Subsequently, at its in-person meeting the APTLD Board elected Ms. Ai-chin Lu (.TW) APTLD Board Chair.

In September 2018, APTLD will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, and at the closure of the Meeting, the APTLD Secretariat unveiled Tashkent, Uzbekistan, as the next destination for the community to get together and celebrate its legacy and made a presentation of the dedicated website:

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