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Testimonial of Saif Mohammed Al-Mashhadi, an APTLD74 Fellow

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Testimonial of Saif Mohammed Al-Mashhadi, an APTLD74 Fellow

It has been a marvellous experience to be both in APTLD 74 and beautiful Tashkent. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed for one day, so I could not attend the first day of the training, Regardless, I was lucky to reach safe and attend training day two sessions, it was the first time to know about Tableau and how significant to represent your data.

The training was delivered by Patrick Myles, his outstanding skills in data visualisation make it easy to understand new concepts compared to excel datasheet, this will help us more to represent or statics and data efficiently, the public speaking and argument was extremely helpful,

The drills during the class help us to understand more the effective arguments process, how to be clear and direct to represent your view successfully.

Fun in the Legoland was a real interactive, Mr Leonid delivered that, it was an excellent opportunity to learn about how successful presentation should be. This an essential session for me, since perfect slide means an effective audience impact.

An Excellent arrangement. Far exceeded my expectations. I was very pleased with the amount of information presented. It was nice to connect and to be close to your domain industry community, sharing my experience with other peers, connect and socialise.

I was more than happy to be part of the APTLD 20th anniversary, APTLD is going higher level in attendance number, which reflects the success of APTLD which we are excited and proud to be part of it.

Thanks Leonid for the remarkable and continues effort to support APTLD members.

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