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APTLD70 Fellow Joel Waqa’s Testimonial

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APTLD70 Fellow Joel Waqa’s Testimonial

This particular meeting/workshop was very inspirational in terms of learning
about other countries and their policies, registrars and much more. The
organizing of the entire event was perfect. The location and accommodation was
relaxing and safe. Having all members participate share their presentation was
the best benefits of this event. I found that all members were very informative in
terms of how they understood the technical and business aspect of their work is
motivating. This event has enabled me to network with a lot of professional and
technical individuals who have given me advice and also offered assistance in
helping Nauru in numerous fields. The staff who were taking care of us during
our meetings were very friendly and scheduled us very well.

Thailand as always is a beautiful and peaceful country. I found that the food was

amazing and people were friendly. APTLD is an important event that Nauru will
try and attend each time it is available to keep up with the latest professional

updates from our larger members.

Joel Waqa
Act/Sec Telecommunications & Media
Act/Director ICT Department

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