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APTLD69 Fellow Andrew Molivurae’s Testimonial

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APTLD69 Fellow Andrew Molivurae’s Testimonial

This is a report that highlights the fellowship travel and feedback for me a recipient of APTLD69 Fellowship. I represented the Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator’s Office (TRR) to APTLD69. TRR is a new member of APTLD.

Travels and Accommodation

The flight was a three hours flight from Port Vila to Auckland on 13th February 2016 returning on 20 February 2016. The accommodation was good enough and in close vicinity of the meeting venue.

APTLD69 Training and Meeting

It was fortunate for me to be able to attend APTLD69 in Auckland through the fellowship program. As a new member working on the .vu transition project, it was vital that I get the exposure to the wealth of experience that was available during the sessions. The security training was an eye opener for me to be able to understand the risks that TLD Registries are prone to.

Meeting Agenda

The agenda of the meeting was fair enough and has addressed many important issues. The presentations were very helpful for me as a representative of a ccTLD learning new things for the experiences shared. I was able to present the current situation of .vu ccTLD to the meeting which was a great opportunity.


Being able to network with people at the meeting was of great value for me. I was able to meet people who have offered to provide free assistance to my organization on the development of .vu ccTLD.

Conclusion and Acknowledgements

It was a great meeting and collaboration between Asia Pacific members although came from different geographic location and culture yet were able to interact for the common good of the internet. I personally would like to thank the board for selecting me to attend as a fellow and a special thank you to Leonid Todorov who did a wonderful job in making sure I arrive in Auckland and providing logistical support in making sure I am alright by even coming to the hotel to check. I would say I have learned much that is assisting me in my role on the .vu ccTLD development.

By Andrew Molivurae TRR Vanuatu March 2016

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