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APTLD71 Fellow Berry Amol’s Testimonial

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APTLD71 Fellow Berry Amol’s Testimonial

This is my 4th Members meeting and 1st Training session that I have attended. Whilst the meeting   is a must for .pg as a member to be present, it is the training sessions that captured my attention  the most and propelled the momentum as a Fellow. I have been to three other meetings and never have I attended a training session organized in conjunction with the APTLD meeting. Nevertheless I am happy to have been a presenter and a participant of the training sessions that have enabled my better understanding and knowledge in the workings of the Internet protection and security aspects.

The Session on Policy-Magic Characters at Stake is gearing up for gTLDs and is new to PNG. I  take particular interest as to being there when the submission from APTLD was discussed, drafted and will be submitted for consideration by ICANN. My presentation on the Impact of internet in PNG during the Crossing-Borders and Shifting Boundaries was well supported by other members including APNIC. I am encouraged by their interest and the discussion to provide assistance in ensuring the much anticipated IXP in the country is implemented. The Session on DNSSEC is something we have talked about for PNG and the training enabled my better understanding of security for our .pg ccTLD. Security must be a concern for all registry and we are no different. I hope to take this topic up within our relevant discussion groups to discuss and ensure our system is safeguarded.

Finally the networking amongst members was a highlight and I am humbled by the gesture from many ccTLD registry experts lending support and seeking to help us improve and develop our ccTLD operation and administration. This I will take up with our management for deliberation. Otherwise APTLD71 was a success and I hope the next one will be even better with further emphasis on such training sessions. I am sure other member countries in the Pacific region will benefit greatly when attending. Thank you.

Berry Amol

ICT Manager PNG University of Technology, for .pg

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