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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (19 February 2016)

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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (19 February 2016)

On 19 February 2016, the APTLD Board held its face-to
face meeting post-the 69
th Members Meeting and the General Members
Meeting in Auckland, New Zealand, and considered a range of matters, the most
important of which are published in this Communiqué.

of the Office Bearers

The Board elected the office bearers as follows:

Chair – LIM Choon Sai (.sg)

Vice Chair – Cherie Ting CHEN (.cn)

Treasurer – Gihan DIAS (.lk)

Secretary – Paul Szyndler (.au)

The Board also reiterated profound gratitude to the
outgoing Board Members Kelly Kang and June Seo for their service on the
previous Board; as well, the Board will be sending a special letter of
appreciation to Jonathan Shea (.hk) for his long-lasting commitment, leadership
and service to the APTLD community and wishes of every further success in new

of the APTLD69 Outcomes

The Board noted with satisfaction a strong turnout for
the Meeting and its poignant agenda and expressed appreciation to the .nz
leadership and team for their commitment to preparations for the event.

The Board specifically noticed the crowd sourcing
session and the interaction with global registrars as key agenda items.

Discussion on Future Activities

Based on members’ discussion and suggestions during
APTLD69, the Board suggested GM initiate a new survey with the focus on
identification of member’s needs and expectations of APTLD.

To this end, the Board decided to set up an ad-hoc
working group within the Board to develop the survey questionnaire items and
ensure, where possible, its translation to the Arabic language for greater
outreach to APTL members in the Middle East.

Pursuant members’ recommendations, Board suggested GM
further improve communication with members by regular phone calls and, where
possible, visits to them.

to the APTLD Fellowship Policy

The Board considered the GM’s debrief on the need to
take into account substantial costs PTLD fellow incurred in the process of
obtaining entry visas to an APTLD meeting host country and agreed to amend the
respective clause of the effective Fellowship policy to ensure refund of such

The State
of the 2016 Budget

The Board discussed
the state of execution of the APTLD 2016 budget and noted with satisfaction
most ordinary members have observed the membership fee payment timelines and
suggested GM and Accounts contacted the rest of the members to encourage
payment of their fees in a timely manner.

status of the Website Revamp project

The Board received the
GM’s debrief on progress in the website revamp working group’s operation and
emphasized that in the light of the discussions at APTLD 69, the project has
become of utmost importance and should be 
completed by the summer of 2016.

In conclusion, the
Board considered a number of administrative issues.

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