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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (16 June 2016)

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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (16 June 2016)

On 16 June 2016, the APTLD Board held its monthly
teleconference. Due to the absence of quorum, the teleconference was an
informal exchange of opinions on a range of matters, the most important of
which are published in this Communiqué.

Financial Statement – May 2016

The Board members on
the call discussed the May 2016 Financial Statement and noted with satisfaction
that the budget execution has been carried out in line with the initial

Selection of APTLD70 Fellows

The Board members on the call considered APTLD70
Fellowship applications
presented by GM and suggested the following individuals should be selected as
APTLD70 Fellows (subject to the Board’s formal approval): Nadia Hashemi, .AF;
Mr. Suraj Adhikari, .NP; and Mr. Berry
Amol, .PG. The application of Mr Joel Waka, .NR is yet to be
finalized pending receipt of further information.

Progress Made Towards APTLD70

The Board members on the call received GM’s update on
progress in development of the APTLD70 Agenda and the status of registrations
and suggested GM should further encourage members to fill in speaking slots,
with Agenda updates posted online on a more proactive and regular basis. The
Board members on the call also noted with satisfaction on ICANN’s commitment to continued delivery of
training for APTLD members and expressed their gratitude to the ICANN

Update on Progress in
Development of the Website Revamp Project

The Board members on the call were updated on discussions
on two teleconferences between APTLD (represented by Board Chair and GM) and
the CNNIC team regarding negotiations of the contract with CNNIC to develop the
new APTLD website. While a couple of contractual provisions remain to be agreed
upon, the Board members expressed their hope for a prompt conclusion of the
Contract and thereafter beginning of the website developmental work by CNNIC.

Update on the Regional Capacity
Building Workshop

The Board was updated on the APTLD/CNNIC Regional
Capacity Building Workshop hosted by CNNIC on June 13-17 2016 in Beijing. The
Board noted with satisfaction that the Workshop is well attended and
participants have been offered a diverse curriculum. The Board members
suggested GM should look for more opportunities to hold such workshops
particularly in conjunction with large subregional and international events,
such as ICANN57 in Hyderabad.

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