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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (16 July 2015)

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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (16 July 2015)

On 16 July 2015, the APTLD Board had its regular
teleconference and considered a range of matters, the most important
of which are published in this Communiqué.

The upcoming APTLD Meeting in

The Board noted that
over 30 representatives of as many as 9 members have registered for the Meeting
and suggested GM promptly send out individual reminders to the members to
encourage greater turnout.

The Board noted that
development of the Meeting Agenda is under way, with the Agenda having been
posted online, per the Board’s earlier instructions, and suggested GM intensify
efforts to contact  and identify potential
speakers/presenters both among members and from outside.

The Board supported
the GM’s effort to arrange an ICANN-sponsored training session for members and
approved the respective budget; the Board also instructed GM et a Doodle poll
to notify potential trainees.

The Progress in the APTLD
Website Revamp Project

The Board noted there
are two competing proposals for the Website Revamp submitted by different
vendors, now available in English, and resolved to have them pass another round
of evaluation by Board members.

Consideration of the Membership
Application by .TL

The Board noted that .TL
has applied for ordinary membership; furthermore the Board noted that due to
the geographical location of the country and proved credentials of the
Information and Technology Center under the Directorate General of Transport
and Communication of Timor-Leste, the ITC fully qualifies for ordinary
membership and voted unanimously for accepting .TL as a new member of APTLD.

The State of the Budget and
Recovery of Membership Fee Arrears

The Board noted that the APTLD Budget has been
executed in line with the initial projections and commended GM and the staff
for their efforts to recover members’ outstanding fees.

The Board once again expressed concern over a
few members’ failure to pay their membership fees in a timely manner and
suggested GM contact them to forewarn of a possible termination of their

APTLD Fellowship Policy

The Board noted that the
APTLD Fellowship Policy has been made publicly available for members, per the
Board’s earlier instructions and took a notice of the GM’s update on progress
in the Program implementation.

The GM’s reporting on ICANN52,
APrIGF6, and Visit to Uzbekistan

The Board noted GM’s
efforts to keep members updated on a daily basis and recommended this practice
be continued for future events. The Board commended GM for the quality of

APTLD’s participation in APEC

The Board took a
notice of the upcoming APEC TEL 52 n Auckland and the GM’s update on engagement
with a facilitation of contacts between, the host economy and .NZ to ensure the
latter’s contribution to the APEC TEL WG agenda.

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