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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (21 July 2016)

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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (21 July 2016)

On 21 July 2016, the APTLD Board held its monthly
teleconference and considered a range of matters. A summary of the
meeting is published in this Communiqué.

GM’s Update on Progress in Preparations
for APTLD70

The Board received the update and noted that
preparations for APTLD70 are in line with the schedule. The Board members suggested some
changes to the draft Meeting Agenda to ensure its greater consistency and

Selection of the APTLD70 Fellows

The Board considered nominations for APTLD70
Fellowships and unanimously selected Ms. Nadia Hashemi (.af), Mr. Berry Amol
(.pg), Mr. Joel Waqa (.nr) and Mr. Suraj Adhikari (.np) as APTLD70 Fellows.

Consideration of an APTLD Membership
Application by IDN ccTLD for the Republic of Georgia

The Board considered an application for ordinary
membership in APTLD submitted by the Information Technologies Development
Center of the Republic of Georgia, the registry of the IDN ccTLD for Georgia. The
Board approved the application on condition that in the future ITDC should
coordinate the issue of membership in APTLD and its status with the nation’s
ASCII ccTLD .ge.

Discussion of the Progress in the
APTLD Website Revamp Project

The Board considered an update on the progress in the
APTLD Website Revamp Project and noted with satisfaction the vendor’s
constructive approach and significant progress in negotiations between APTLD
and CNNIC on the website revamp contract. The Board expressed a desire to move
to contract finalization and implementation as soon as possible, as well as
appreciation to the Board Chair for his effort in this regard.

Financial Statement – June 2016

The Board discussed
the June 2016 Financial Statement and noted with satisfaction that execution of
the budget has been carried out in line with the initial projections.

Consideration of Support of
APSIG -2016

The Board received the
GM’s update on the inaugural Asia Pacific School for Internet Governance, which
will be held in Bangkok concurrently with APTLD70 and suggested that this
bottom-up driven important pioneer initiative is important to bring up the next
generation of policy-shapers in the region and instructed GM to release USD
3,000 in sponsorship of the undertaking and invite an APSIG representative to report
on the project at APTLD70.

Discussion of a Draft APTLD71

In an attempt to
enhance efficiency of preparations for APTLD71 the Board discussed an initial
draft of its Agenda and suggested Board Members should provide their comments
to build a sound Agenda by September 2016.

Discussion of the APTLD
Membership Survey 2016

The Board considered
the APTLD Membership Survey 2016 and noted its strategic importance for APTLD
and its members and suggested to discuss it in much detail at the Board Meeting
in August.

The Board also
considered a number of other administrative and financial matters.

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