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Phase II of TA Project for the Maldives Launched

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18 May 2018
In a continuous effort to share best practices in the ccTLD registry operation area across the region, APTLD has facilitated the launch of the second phase of the technical assistance project to the government of the Republic of Maldives.
Commissioned by the ITU regional office and under the guidance of Mr. Sameer Sharma , Senior Advisor ITU,  the project focuses on the shaping of a sustainable model and operation of .MV, its registry, as well as establishing a registrations market for it.
The project is delivered by Grigori Saghyan, an executive of .AM. With more than twenty years of experience in the ccTLD operation area under the belt, Girgori counsels the local stakeholders on a broad range of matters pertaining to the future structure and operation of .MV with the account of APTLD members’ best practices.

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