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APTLD Held the Inaugural Executive Teleconference

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Dear Members:
The Asia-Pacific Top-Level Domain Association (APTLD) Members’ executives together with the Board had an inaugural Executive Teleconference on 9 February 2017.
This meeting was organized in response to APTLD Members’ suggestions and in order to further enhance the APTLD’s accountability to its members. The Agenda included discussions on several strategic issues as APTLD Policy Development Procedure, APTLD’s capacity-building strategy in the region, interaction with ICANN on ccTLD-related matters, and further enhancements of the Board’s communications with, and service to, Members.
With 19 participants in the Call, the discussion was quite intense and Members put forward numerous recommendations and suggestions some of which will be discussed further at the annual General Meeting and translated into action.
It is envisaged that this call will become a regular exercise and add to the APTLD’s services to its members.

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