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APTLD Yearly Update (2000.10 to 2001.05)

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Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Name Forum       2001.5.30

APTLD Summary (2000-10 to 2001-05)

1. APTLD Meeting and Workshop
2000.07.18 09:00-12:00 APTLD Annual General Meeting in Yokohama during ICANN
2000.07.18 13:00-16:00 APTLD Board Meeing in Yokohama during ICANN
2000.10.21 13:00-18:00 APTLD Board Meeting in Bangkok during AP*Retreat
2000.10.22 09:00-12:00 APTLD Board Meeting in Bangkok during AP*Retreat
2000.10.22 13:00-17:00 Joint APTLD-ccTLD Meeting during AP*Retreat Bangkok
2000.11.11 09:00-12:00 APTLD Board Meeting in Los Angeles during ICANN
2000.11.11 13:00-18:00 APTLD Member meeting in Los Angeles during ICANN
2001.11.14 19:00-21:00 APTLD-GAC informal dinner in Los Angeles during ICANN
2001.02.24 13:00-18:00 APTLD Board Meeting in Kuala Lumpur during APRICOT’2001
2001.02.01 09:00-18:00 ICANN-ccTLD Meetings from AP region AT Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
2001.02.19 09:00-18:00 ICANN-ccTLD Meeting AT Geneva, Switzerland
2001.03.11 09:00-12:30 APTLD Board Meeting in Melbourne during ICANN
2001.03.11 14:00-19:00 APTLD ICANN-ccTLD Contract Workshop in Melbourne during ICANN
2001.05.30 09:00-12:00 APTLD Board Meeting in Stockholm during ICANN
2001.05.30 13:00-17:00 APTLD Member Meeting in Melbourne during ICANN
2001.06.02 19:00-21:00 APTLD-GAC informal dinner in Stockholm during ICANN

2. APTLD outreach
Including AP Activity Session(APTLD update, AP* Activities, APNIC policy) and ICANN
Seesion (DNSO update, ASO Update, ccTLD Update and issues),  IDN and DRP Session(MINC
Update, IDN and DN intellectual property issues, DRP Issues):
2000.11 Pacific Islands
2001.02 Mumbai,New Delhi
2001.02 Kuala Lumpur
2001.04 Hong Kong
2001.05 Shanghai
This outreach is joined by AP* related organizations, please see

3. Sponsorship
According to Kuala Lumpur Board Meeting resolution sponsored two ccTLD’s participation
to attend Melbourne ICANN-ccTLD-APTLD meeting and APTLD-ccTLD Contract Workshop:
East Timor (.tp)
Vietnam (.vn)

4. APTLD to ICANN letter
11 November, 2000 APTLD board member sent a “APTLD and ICANN funding” letter to ICANN
CEO to concern following issues:
(1) Representation of ccTLDs on the board of ICANN.
(2) Agreement on Best Practices
(3) Agreement on delegation and re-delegation practices
(4) Service level agreement in rootserver agreements
5 December, 2000, APTLD Secretariat got ICANN CEO, Mike Roberts responding to hold two
ICANN ccTLD meeting in Feb 2001.

5. Membership Fee Structure Review:
There are three types of membership in APTLD that are open to different types of entities.
All ccTLDs from the Asia-Pacific Region, organizations and individuals, which have any
Business interest relating to the registration of domain names on the Internet, and gTLD
registries on the Internet.
a. Ordinary Membership: is open to organizations that manage and operate the ccTLD
registries of the Asia-Pacific region. Ordinary members are entitled to vote at
the general meetings and on all APTLD I issues. Registries that qualify for
Ordinary membership are asked to voluntarily select from seven membership fee
b. Associate Corporate membership is open to any firm or established organization,
including any gTLD registry or Registrar as designated by ICANN, which are
involved in domain names and which are incorporated, registered or otherwise
recognized under the laws of their relevant countries.
c. Associate Individual membership is open to any individual who has any business
interest relating to the registration of domain names on the Internet.
Ordinary Membership and Associate Corporate Membership are asked to voluntarily select
from seven membership fee bands: Membership Fees (US$)
Very Large $20,000 Large $10,000
Medium Large $5,000 Medium $2,000
Medium Small $1,000 Small $500
Very Small $100
As a guideline:   Large = >50,000 ccTLD Domain Name registrations
Medium = >5,000 ccTLD Domain Name registrations
Small = <5,000 ccTLD Domain Name registrations
Applicants should complete the Ordinary Membership Application Form
(http://www.aptld.org/NEWS/16.doc) and return it to the APTLD Secretariat (sec@aptld.org).

6. Current membership
Ordinary Membership:
Large Membership: .cn, .jp, .Kr, .tw
Medium Membership: .nz, .nu, (.tv)
Medium Small Membership: .th, .hk,
Small Membership: .my, .vn
Very Small Membership: (.tp), (.tj)

Associate Corporate Membership:
Small membership: Internet Governmence Counsultant Ltd
() means already sign up application form but not paied yet.

7. APTLD Board Members:
Following APTLD Board Members are selected for one-year term according to its bylaws
(draft) from July 2000 to June 2001.
Hualin Qian/.cn Chair
Peter Dengate-Thrush/.nz Senior Vice chair
Bill Semich/.nu Vice chair (Treasurer)
Shuichi Tashiro/.jp Vice Chair (Membership)
Kwan Ho Song/.kr
Vincent W.S. Chen/.tw
Kanchana Kanchanasut/.th
Ramesh Kumar Nadarajah/.my

8. APTLD Committees
Three Committees:
Finance Committee : Bill Semich
Legal & Regulatory Committee: Peter Dengate Thrush
Membership: Shuich Tasiro
Each committee is chaired by one Board Member and responsible for related affairs.

9. APTLD Working Group
(1) ccDRP WG: Hong Xue (Drp@aptld.org)
(2) Outreach and Awareness WG: B.K Kim (Outreach@aptld.org)
(3) Translation WG: Albert Wang (Trans@aptld.org)
(4) Multilingual DNS & Liaison WG: Y.J Park (Mdn@aptld.org)
(5) ICANN Relation WG: Peter Dengate Thrush (Icann@aptld.org)
Each WGs charter and its mailing list, please see www.aptld.org.
Encourage exchange information through mailing list then summary WG’s report
At Board and Member meeting.

10. APTLD related issues
(1) ICANN relation: Who should we talk to from ICANN? Direct dialogue to ICANN?
Quick response from ICANN? Regular and continue meetings with ICANN? ICANN
(2) ICANN & ccTLD Contract: Three-party and Bilateral agreements? GAC point
of view .CA case, .JP case, Who is the next?
(3) ccSO in ICANN: Sponsor to ICANN ?DNSO & ccTLD managers? A new supporting
organization?  Work with ccTLD, CENTR/APTLD?
(4) IDN : Most of Internet users in AP region are not native English speakers,
IDN is pressure or needs? IDN testbed: testing or business? IETF Standard
(IETF IDN WG)?  CDNC and other IDN study organiztions, GAC IDN WG ICANN Survey?

11. APTLD Secretariat:
TWNIC is selected as secretariat for 2000.10-2002.10 at 22 October, 2000
during APTLD Bangkok Board Meeting.

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