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2003 APTLD Board Election Schedule

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09 February 2003

2003 APTLD Board Election


1. Confirming voting representative: by 12th Feb 2003

2. Nomination period: 3rd Jan – 12th Feb 2003

3. Announce the nomination list: by 13th Feb 2003

4. Voting period: 14th – 20th Feb 2003

5. Voting result approval and announcement: by 21st Feb 2003

6. If a tie occurred, a 2nd voting: 24th Feb 2003, during Taipei AGM

7. 2nd voting result approval and announcement: 24th Feb 2003, during Taipei AGM

Election Committee:

We need to form an election committee to help supervise and authenticate the

voting process and result. The Secretariat would like to suggest our two

current Vice Chairs Yumi Ohashi and Young-Eum Lee to be the election committee


Voting Representation confirmation:

1. Each member should decide one person to be its voting representative. Only

the nomination and vote from the representatives’ email addresses will be


2. Please provide the Secretariat the name and email of your voting

representative by 12th February 2003.

Nomination rules:

1. Each member’s voting representative can nominate up to 2 candidates.

2. Self nomination is acceptable.

3. Nominee does not have to be ccTLD manager but have to be representing the

member ccTLD.

4. Nomination mail should be sent be to election2003@aptld.org, which includes

election committee members and the Secretariat.

5. To nominate a candidate, please send the candidate’s full name, organisation

affiliation, business title, country of residence, email/address/telephone

numbers, and brief biography to election2003@aptld.org. If available, please

also send a candidate’s photo to election2003@aptld.org.

6. Nomination list will be announced and posted on APTLD website and sent to

all members by email.

Voting rules:

1. Vote to be cast by an unscripted ballot email issued by the Secretariat.

2. Each Voting representative can cast maximum of 4 votes to 4 different


3. The votes will be authenticated by the election committee.

4. The top 7 nominees winning the most votes will be the new Board members for

a one-year term until next AGM in 2004.

5. The voting result will be prepared by the Secretariat to be approved by the

election committee before public announcement on the website.

6. If there is a tie for the 7th seat, there will be a 2nd voting for the 7th

board seat.

6.1 Only the nominees who is in tie for the 7th seat in the 1st voting may

stand again.

6.2 Each voting representative has only one vote for the tie election.

6.3 Electronic ballot will be sent for the tie election, and result will be

authenticated by the election committee again before public announcement.


The election committee will consider all complains or disputes lodged at any

time during the online voting period or within 24 hours after the election

results are announced. No complains or disputes lodged after this time will be

considered. The election committee’s decision will be final.

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