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TAFDWG Chair’s Letter to the APTLD Chair

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Jakarta, 26 October 2019
Ms. Ai-chin Lu
The APTLD Board Chair

Dear Chair Ai-chin,

I am writing to you in my capacity of the Chair of the Working Group on Development of the Transparency and Accountability Framework (TAFDWG) to let you know that we have completed our mission.

The TAFDWG has been in operation since 16 September 2019. In total, as many as 5 APTLD Members’ representatives volunteered to serve on the WG, namely:
– Ms. Ahlam.M.Abu-Jadallah, .JO
– Mr. Andrew Molivurae, .VU
– Mr. Brent Carey, .NZ
– Ms. Desiree Miloshevic, Afilias
– Mr. Yudho Giri Sucahyo, .ID

The TAFDWG appeared well diverse and included representatives of all APTLD’s sub-regions and a representative of the Associate membership community. It is also worth noting that the TAFDWG appeared sufficiently diverse gender-wise.

TAFDWG’s operation was supported by APTLD staff (Leonid Todorov and Molly Dong), who provided the necessary administrative, clerical, and logistics support.

TAFDWG operated by means of teleconferences, with rounds of comments on the text of the document in the Google Docs between the calls. In total, TAFDWG held three teleconferences to agree on the wording of the document on the basis of consensus.

We believe that we have succeeded in defining the necessary notions and identified matters that should fall under the Framework in question; in so doing, however, we refrained from a detailed description of actions and activities required to implement them, as we believe that some of them have already been addressed in APTLD’s current policies, while some others can be implemented on the basis of other organizations’ good practices.

In its final form the document consists of six sections covering its objective; definitions; framework statement; fundamental requirements, with a more granulated list issues to be addressed and activities to be pursued, exclusions, and review and continuous improvement, and it is my pleasure to submit the document on behalf of the TAFDWG members to the APTLD Board for review and adoption.

Should you need further clarifications, my fellow TAFDWG members and I will be happy to provide them.


Yudho Giri Sucahyo

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