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Call for an APTLD Sponsored Fellowship for APIGA 2019

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Application Deadline: 15 June 2019


APTLD (Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association) is a
membership-based, non-for-profit organization that serves ccTLD (country-code
Top Level Domain) registries in the Asia Pacific region.

APTLD operates as the forum of information exchange
regarding technological and operational issues of domain name registries in
Asia Pacific region. As an interface to other international Internet
coordinating bodies, APTLD fosters and elevates participation of AP ccTLDs in
these global fora, as well as acts in the best interest of APTLD members in
global Internet policy making process.

The Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy (APIGA)
2019 (
is a 5-day capacity development workshop focused on topics related to Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the Korea Internet &
Security Agency (KISA),  and Internet

It is targeted at, but not limited to, undergraduate
and graduate students from universities and tertiary educational institutions
in South Korea and Asia Pacific. Anyone between the age of 18 and 35 from the
Asia Pacific region, interested in Internet governance issues and related
international activities, is welcome to participate.

To bolster the Asia Pacific ccTLD community’s
technical capacity, APTLD in cooperation with APIGA offers 1 (one) Fellowship to
APIGA 2019 to be held in Seoul, South Korea, on 12-16 July 2019 (

The Fellowship covers only the Fellow’s entry visa
fee, air travels (economy class), accommodation and per diem of USD50 throughout
the duration of the Academy.

The Fellow to APIGA 2019 will attend sessions where he/she
will be able to improve the understanding of Internet governance issues, and
the multistakeholder processes that are largely responsible for driving these
issues. Topics include History of Internet Governance; Fundamentals of Internet
Infrastructure; and Multistakeholder Policy Making.


Participants will build confidence in and appreciation
for multistakeholder processes, such as that found in ICANN and IGF platforms.
Participants will be exposed to a range of Internet governance topics and will
be able to stay connected to the APAC Internet community through the Academy’s
partnerships with regional initiatives.

Participants are required to complete customized
online modules from ISOC and ICANN as prerequisite training for the academy,
and will receive certificates upon completion. Upon successful completion of
the 5-day Academy, participants will also receive a certificate of completion
given by KISA and ICANN.

Upon graduation, participants will be a part of the
APIGA alumni network, where regional organizations will continue to share
information and participation opportunities on regional and global Internet
governance-related events including IGF and ICANN meetings.

Criteria for the APTLD Fellowship to the APIGA 2019

for the Programme

Selection for the Fellowship is competitive.  In order to qualify for Fellowship,
applicants must:

– Be, at a minimum, a university undergraduate.

– Be employed by an APTLD member.

– Be between 21
and 35
years old by the date of the opening of APIGA 2019.

well, please note that this Fellowship may not be
awarded to any recent (since 1 January 2018
onwards) APTLD Fellow.

– Present a brief bionote (up to 200 words), a letter of
reference from the employer, and a strong motivation (up to 300 words) for
attending APIGA, including demonstrating a strong sense of:

what he/she intends to accomplish or get out of
attending APIGA;

how attending APIGA would help him/her in work or
study, and

how he/she intends to apply thus gained experience
when upon return to the home country.

– The record of an active contribution to Internet
Governance events, initiatives and projects is a plus.

These documents are provided in an arbitrary format in a single PDF file and should be sent by email to GM APTLD at: l.todorov@aptld.org .

Please note that the working language of APIGA is
English. Individuals applying for the Fellowship should be comfortable and able
to follow discussions in the English language.

as established by the APTLD Fellowship policies, General Manager may at his/her
discretion set up a conference call with an applicant to test his/her level of
command of the English language. The findings of the interview should be
reported to the Board to make an informed decision on the applicant’s
eligibility for the Fellowship

applicant is expected to:

– Prepare in advance for APIGA by completing a series of
online courses on Internet governance and ICANN, before they are able to attend
the academy.

– Attend the APIGA plenary sessions, and other sessions
throughout the week;

– Share the experience and knowledge gained at APIGA
with their local communities when they return home;

– Upon completion, provide APTLD with a brief
testimonial (up to 300 words) highlighting on his/her impressions and takeaways
from APIGA-2018.

to apply and the application process timelines

Please complete the papers required and submit them as
a single PDF file to GM at:
l.todorov@aptld.org by May 31, 2018.

call closes at 23:59 Moscow time (UTC+3) 15 June 2019.

GM, together with a designated APTLD board member,
reviews the applications and submits the short list of nominees to the APTLD
Board by
June 16 2019.

The Board considers the shortlisted nominations and
selects a single winner and an alternate on
June 20, 2019

GM APTLD notifies the APTLD community of the single
winner and the alternate on
20 June 2019

GM APTLD begins the process of supporting the winner’s
attendance on
June 21, 2019

more details on APIGA 2019, please visit

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