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In accordance to the APTLD Constitution, The management of the Association shall be vested in the Board and the instrumentalities thereof. The Board may exercise all such powers of the Association and do on behalf of the Association all such acts as may be exercised and done by the Association which are required either by statute or by the Constitution to be exercised by the Association.

The Board shall comprise eight (8) Board Members, four (4) of whom shall be principal office bearers holding the positions of: Chairman; Senior Vice Chairman; Secretary; and Treasurer.

Ai-chin Lu
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Board Chair f
Name: Ai-chin Lu
Organisation: TWNIC
Job title: Vice Executive Director
Residence: Taiwan
Gihan Dias
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Board Vice Chair
Name: Gihan Dias
Organisation: LK Domain Registry
Job title: Domain Registrar and CEO
Residence: Sri Lanka
Erhan Karabardak
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Name: Erhan Karabardak
Organisation: The Papua New Guinea University of Technology
Job title: Adviser
Residence: Australia
Qiang Li
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Name: Qiang Li
Organisation: China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)
Job title: Deputy Director
Residence: China
Brent Carey
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Board Member
Name: Brent Carey
Organisation: InternetNZ
Job title: Domain Name Commissioner
Residence: New Zealand
Min Jung Park
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Board Member
Name: Min Jung Park
Organisation: Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)
Job title: General Researcher
Residence: Korea
Alireza Saleh
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Board Member
Name: Alireza Saleh
Organisation: IPM/IRNIC, the .ir and ایران. ccTLD registries
Job title: CEO
Residence: Iran
Yudho Giri Sucahyo
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Board Member
Name: Yudho Giri Sucahyo
Organisation: PANDI (.id Registry)
Job title: President
Residence: Indonesia
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