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APTLD73 Fellowships

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APTLD73 Fellowships

Application Deadline: December 10, 2017

The Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD) is pleased to call for applications for its APTLD Meeting Fellowships for APTLD73 (Kathmandu, Nepal, 22-23 February 2018).
The Fellowships provide travels and accommodation, and daily subsistence (per diem) support for successful applicants for the whole period of the Meeting, including the preceding training sessions.
Proposals should consider the following:
How the Fellow can pro-actively contribute to the APTLD meeting by making a presentation on his/her registry’s operational, technical etc. updates and practices;
What benefits the Fellow expects to take away as major outcomes and lessons learnt at the Meeting and how he/she would foresee their further implementation domestically.
Fellowships are awarded to those candidates whose proposals show the greatest potential and eagerness to network and explore new opportunities for enhancement their personal capacity and that of their registry. Please keep this in mind when preparing your application, and please be specific.
Typically, APTLD Fellowships are open to all APTLD members from developing countries and territories, and registries with the number of registrations under 50,000; however, the APTLD Board makes its final decision basing on a broader consideration of some other factors and with account of logistics and financial aspects. For a complete list of eligibility criteria please visit the APTLD website at: http://www.aptld.org/about/policies/APTLD%20Fellowship%20Policy%20(19OCT2017).pdf.
In return for the acceptance of a fellowship, APTLD expects the following from its recipients:
Participation in the training session prior to APTLD72 on 20-21 February 2018 (see www.aptld73.org.np/agenda  for details)
Delivery of a presentation as a part of the APTLD Meeting agenda (www.aptld73.org.np/agenda)
Post-meeting, submission of a written testimonial (electronic version), including a special section detailing the relevance of the Meeting and major takeaways from it for the Fellow.

For the full information of the APTLD Fellowship policy and to familiarize yourself with previous APTLD Fellows’ testimonials, please visit http://www.aptld.org/documents/others.html.

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