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APTLD 68 Communique

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The APTLD Members’ Meeting (September, 2015) was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, and hosted by PANDI, the .id registry.

Over 50 members representing 23 registries and 16 guests attended the Meeting. The Meeting also enabled a number of members and presenters to join in remotely via an Adobe connection sponsored by ICANN.

The Meeting was preceded by an ICANN-sponsored training session aimed at bolstering TLD resilience. The training for 16 APTLD members was delivered by the ICANN’s Delta team led by Jon Crain and Chris Evans. Feedback from trainees was positive and APTLD will continue to collaborate with ICANN in holding such training sessions at appropriate members’ meetings in the future.

The two-day meeting started with a joint APTLD-APNIC opening ceremony followed by the meeting for the APTLD members. The agenda covered a wide range of topics comprising five sessions, which included updates by partner organizations, members’ updates, security and technical track, and universal acceptance of IDNs.

In addition, there were two workshops – one on marketing and the other – on engagement with global registrars.

At the last session of the Meeting, members were invited for a crowd-sourcing input to three case studies with the aim of developing high-level advice for small registries to build capacity and to have sustainable growth.

The Jakarta Meeting offered multiple opportunities for members to network and discussed matters of common interest and proved to be a groundbreaking event for a number of newcomers. APTLD members welcomed .tj, .kz., .tl, and .укр (the IDN ccTLD for Ukraine), as well as .np as a would-be member.

The Meeting also saw the renewal of the APTLD Fellowship Program, with .tj and .tl having become, after a while, APTLD Fellows and, together with .np, made constructive contribution to the team discussion of the case studies.

In the session on the Universal Acceptance of IDNs, a task force consisting of Raed Ai-Fayez (.sa), Mark Kao (.tw), Yuri Kargapolov (.укр), Jerry Lin (.tw) and Jiankang Yao (.cn), and Hiro Hotta (.jp) as the moderator, discussed the multi-language email address technology (EAI). The task force noted the international community’s significant progress in resolving major technical problems in deploying the multi-language email address technology and urged service providers in the Asia Pacific and worldwide to continue their effort to realize the goals of promoting multilingualism, diverse online applications, and digital economy. Further details of the discussion are attached hereto.

Members and the Board expressed their appreciation to the PANDI team as well as the APTLD staff for the excellent organization and conduct of the meeting which has made it a success.

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