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APSIG2017 Fellow Norman Warput’s Testimonial

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APSIG2017 Fellow Norman Warput’s Testimonial

My participation in the Asia Pacific School on Internet governance (APSIG) is manifold. First, this APSIG has been a great opportunity for me to learn different aspects of internet governance in a developing country and to realize where we are in Vanuatu in this regard.

Second, I have learnt and examine some best practices on awareness activities to see which to apply in our local context. That is to say, as the Internet is a critical tool nowadays in Vanuatu, it is very important to provide more awareness and educate users to protect them accessing different types of information online and to raise awareness among the most vulnerable users, including children and youth, who are in the focus of our efforts to ensure they have a safer online environment.

As we currently are in the Transition Period for our ccTLD .VU, which TRR will be managing soon, I have an opportunity to meet and learn some best practices and network with some experts from ICANN reps to understand the Internet governance process in the island by engaging different stakeholders in addressing the internet governance agenda on the national level relating to country code top level domain (ccTLD).

Given that most of the domestic businesses are already online, cyber security is a grave challenge too, and I also learn on best multi stakeholder-based practices in that regard. Last but not the least, as Vanuatu bids for hosting APrIG in 2018 and is committed to win the contest, equally important is the task to get first-hand knowledge of the planning and organizing components associated with running a region-wide educational event and network with renowned and prominent speakers and educators to engage them in contribution to our future activities in the island.

I must admit that I am just a beginner in the internet governance issues at a global level. However, with my long-standing job record in IT and Telcos, I am be able to catch up with some concepts taught during the school in the most recent developments in IG and acquire a proper understanding of the substance and peculiarities of this very complex process, which I hope I can apply back in Vanuatu to share with the local community.

As a fellow of a small island nation in the South Pacific area, underlying my interest in this field an understanding that as we would probably for long not be having an IG school, I am looking forward to engage more in such events as much as possible to learn more on IG process and best practices to deliver it back home to raise awareness and help local stakeholders contribute meaningfully to the IG processes in the island and across Southern Pacific by leading by example and shaping a most productive and conducive environment for their participation in their domestic Interne Governance context.

Issues Identified
a. Remote Presentation – background noise is the issue. Need improvements on that ,also no stream for the remote presenters
b. Presentation are very high level for new beginners

* Simplify the presentations for students to understand, especially for new beginners
* We should have more interactive sessions to discuss and interact with each other
* We need better engagement strategy or format for participants to further discuss and share their experiences with in their local chapters.
* Need proper management of remote participation
* New format for 2018 APSIG
* We are expecting to discuss and learn about the Internet Governance Pillars and how to apply that in our local chapters or country.

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