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APTLD73 Fellow Sergo Karakozov’s Testimonial

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APTLD73 Fellow Sergo Karakozov’s Testimonial

My involvement with
APTLD started in Tbilisi, Georgia, where I helped organize the event as a host.
Unfortunately, due to the organizational tasks, I have not had an opportunity
to meet and network with most APTLD member representatives. This is why I have
applied and thankfully have been awarded a fellowship by the board members to
attend APTLD73 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Before the meeting,
there were “Introduction to Blockchain” and “Communicating in a Crisis”
training sessions, both of which have been very informative and thorough.
Besides learning something new, I have met some of the member representatives
and made new friends. This was a useful icebreaker!

During the meeting
days, there were many interesting panel discussion topics, which have deepened
my understanding of the best practices in domain registration and management. I
even had a chance to participate in one, delivering a presentation about our
IDN ccTLD policy.

At the end of Day 2,
a farewell party was held for Choon Sai Lim. One after another, I
would hear folks express their upmost respect for his leadership and thanking
him for for his work for APTLD. It was a very emotional moment, which made me
think: APTLD is about making friends and sharing experiences, where members are
represented by a very diverse group of kind people, from all walks of life.

These are a couple of
recommendations, which (if implemented) I believe will greatly improve future APTLD
meetings’ experience for all participants:

1. Perhaps we could ask members to submit a standardized report (data) on
their policy, news and statistics, which will be available for download in the
members’ area of APTLD website. Having this information available to everyone,
before the meeting, might spark a better face-to-face dialogue between member
representatives, during the event.

2. Information and knowledge shared during different sessions is extremely
valuable. It might be beneficial to record all of the sessions and have it
available to members on APTLD website. It will be very useful for members who
was not able to join the meeting as well as those who was visiting a different session
at the time. Overtime, this will no doubt generate quite an interesting
knowledge base.

In the end, I would
like to, once again, express my gratitude to the APTLD board members, general
management and host members for giving me this experience. I am counting down
days to the next APTLD meeting!

Thank you!


Head of Development
IT Development Center


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