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Testimonial of Amgalan Ider, an APTLD74 Fellow

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Testimonial of Amgalan Ider, an APTLD74 Fellow

First of all I’m really happy to say I was one
of fellows in Tashkent APTLD 74 meeting, this was good enough to say both for
community and technical workshops was really helpful, therefore its was good
time to enjoy APTLD 20
th years anniversary, in other word such
events are always helps for newcomers that we all doing business working on
Domain industry, we should listen with each other problems troubleshooting and
off course it helps for makes good community of all organizations who works on
domain industry, Thanks to local host in Uzbekistan (Uzinfocom) this event was
my best APTLD meeting also I was lucky one that see 20
th of
anniversary APTLD, for who not attend for this meeting or in future newcomers
in APTLD meeting is my only word to say: this meeting would be great
opportunity with your successful career and also its open your personal vision
to see with other eyes, this is more likely simple but takes huge advantage
that you are in same market industry and no other meetings can be good enough
to help your job and help your vision, just im saying this in short we should
see “what happens in the world” in reality what your current level of your
organizations and what would be best way to go next level, also Tashkent
central Asia it was very good place to see other people who works with same
field, thanks to highly organized events it was one of best meeting I have ever
seen, before APTLD73 I was attend in APTLD 73 in Nepal Kathmandu, it was also
good for me, but with difference with APTLD 74 its truly changed my eyes that how
people and organizations are doing their job in domain industry and each of
them with quite different way, also every country has their own strategy that
develop domain based services, domain policy, …etc. But with in fact such
meeting will help to recognize these people where are they now standing for.
Kathmandu APTLD 73 was good enough for exotic country that meet people each
other with good sightseeing, although Tashkent was a best place to meet group
meeting weather was good enough for everyone arriving from various country,
this time meeting in Tashkent was very high VIP organized meeting, especially
thanks for local host and who that organize this such very valuable meeting for
every one who works on domain industry , in conclusion such event, meeting my
understanding that would be open for everyone who on domain industry and once
again my last word is Tashkent meeting was
high valuable meeting to see in person and listen each other, open your
eyes in real world, not only in your country.

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