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APTLD71 Fellow Nicolau Santos Celestino’s Testimonial

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APTLD71 Fellow Nicolau Santos Celestino’s Testimonial

It was great to attend the meeting in Ho Chi MIn City, Vietnam. Prior to the Meeting, we received all kinds of support from APTLD staff who were working hard, following up on all the plans, enthusing newcomers and making sure our needs were met both at that stage and until the end of the meeting.

There has been an interesting training in the first two days to cover DNS and also related to the DNSSEC that was shared with other participants during the training. At the opening, I was privileged to share my country report and Timor-Leste conditions, and what we heading for.

The interaction between the members was very good, especially the ordinary member-only discussions related to the technical assistance, technical cooperation and the existence of the APTLD Members budget to be spent on the members’ needs and implementation of a prospective plan to further develop member ccTLDs. It truly inspired Members to be focused and contribute more to the APTLD to bolster cooperation and all activities aiming at building new communication channels and promote team work to support APTLD members. We greatly enjoyed it!

Thank you,

Nicolau Santos Celestino

.TL registry

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