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APTLD71 Fellow Saif Ahmed’s Testimonial

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APTLD71 Fellow Saif Ahmed’s Testimonial

This is was my first time to be in touch with APTLD members, which was a great experience by helping me to understand and share best experiences with the APTLD community.

Before the meeting, I was asked by the community and colleagues in Iraq, What is APTLD and why should we be a member of APTLD? Honestly, my answer was it’s to share the statistics and participate in surveys and receive meeting briefs. That is good since we pay small fees to them.

Now my answer will be different: APTLD is a community of ccTLDs that all work to develop and promote for better, secure, open for all internet, since it is the ccTLD and DNS that are at the core of the internet.

They do a very good job, especially at regional meetings, by gathering all the experienced people in one place and have them share their experience.

During the first two days of training conducted by .LK and ICANN, they shared with us there ccTLD experience in the DNS, DNSSSEC, registry operation, backup, security and disaster recovery planning.

The training was very important – I learned a lot form them by interacting with them, discussing challenges and solutions. I will transfer this information to my team andlocal registrars in Iraq.

The meeting days were very well organized, the topics were useful and also helped meto introduce .iq to other ccTLD and international registrars like Logicboxes and CentralNic.

Face to face meetings are very important and valuable, since before we were also contacted remotely, by email only, but without any results.

Saif Ahmed (.IQ)

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