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APTLD69 Fellow Lianna Galstyan’s Testimonial

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APTLD69 Fellow Lianna Galstyan’s Testimonial

My 3-leg travel was very long from Yerevan, Armenia through Moscow, Russia and Singapore, Singapore with 3-4 hours layover. Though on the way back I had a layover of 20 hours in Singapore in transit area which was really very exhausting. I wish it were shorter.
Hotel accommodation was well arranged, with basic needs and 10-minutes walk from the venue.

Lunch and coffee were properly served during the meeting.

Course on Implementation of Cyber Security Frameworks organized by ICANN and Delta Risk (2 days).
The course was professionally prepared and properly represented. It gave the overview of different Cyber Security frameworks, their implementation, advantages and disadvantages of each of them. It also had sections for practical exercises.

Being non-technical specialist the benefit of my participation to this course was the negotiation with the organizers to possibly hold this or modified course in Yerevan with targeted technical specialists.

The main meeting itself was well attended, sessions were smoothly structured, presentations were informative, though interaction between presenters and the audience was average. Crowdsourcing exercises were quite dynamic, the discussion among the groups was notable.

As an Associate Member of APTLD, I could not participate to the Annual General Meeting and had no clue of what it was about.


All coffee breaks, lunch and dinner time were perfectly fitted for networking, providing an immense opportunity to establish working contacts both with ccTLDs and global Registrars. This is indeed one of the greatest benefits of the meeting.

* APRICOT participation opportunity – Being organized prior to APRICOT, it would be a good compliment for APTLD participants interested in APRICOT to have such opportunity as well.
* Facilitate discussions – It would be great if session moderators do not only lead and represent the session presenters, but also facilitate some topic discussions within all participants or have an allocated session for discussions only.
* Associate members participation to General Meeting – I would appreciate the opportunity to take part in General Meeting, interact with all members with the only exception of not having voice for voting.

* Up-to-date website – It seems to be a must to have an up-to-date website with relevant information of APTLD activity, members, news, contacts, upcoming events, etc.

Lianna Galstyan
ISOC Armenia, AM TLD

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