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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (19 January 2017)

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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (19 January 2017)

On 19 January 2017, the APTLD Board held its teleconference and considered a range of matters. A summary of the meeting is published in this Communiqué.

An Update on Progress in Preparations for APTLD71

The Board discussed preparations for APTLD71 and AGM and noted with satisfaction a good progress to date. The Board also suggested GM should reach out to Members to ensure all the speaking slots are filled in a timely manner

Consideration of Amendments to the APTLD SOP on Procurement and Finance and the draft APTLD Travel Policy and Procedure and Claim for Expenses by GM and Board Members

The Board considered the amendments and approved the document subject to confirmation by HSBC.

Consideration of Joon Lim’s Letter of Resignation from the Board

The Board considered a letter of resignation submitted by Joon Lim of KISA and accepted his resignation due to reorganisation at KISA from 2nd March 2017. The Board expressed its deep appreciation to Joon Lim for his service on the Board

Consideration of the ICANN’s Initiative to Release Country and Territory Names for 12 new gTLDs

The Board received an update from GM on the matter and suggested the Board members revisit the original information, have a better knowledge of the situation and hold discussion through email list as to appropriateness of having an APTLD position on the matter.

Consideration of Progress in the APTLD Website Revamp Activities

The Board received GM’s update on the matter and noted with satisfaction that the project is implemented as scheduled. The Board also agreed to GM’s suggestion of travelling to Beijing to engage with the CNNIC’s development team to accelerate the work on the project.

The End-Year Financial Statement for 2016

The Board considered the pre-audit 2016 APTLD balance and noted that while it posted a surplus for the second fiscal year in a row, GM should further improve services to members by utilising more funding to carry out our objectives. The Board suggested GM should revise the 2017 APTLD budget to ensure its consistency with the Board’s recommendation.

Consideration of APTLD’s 2017 nomination for the ICANN’s Multistakeholder Ethos Award

The Board discussed the matter and unanimously agreed to nominate Hiro Hotta of JPRS for the ICANN’s prestigious award. The Board suggested GM should take further action to ensure the nomination is submitted in a timely manner.

The Board also considered a number of other administrative and financial matters.

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