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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (19 May 2016)

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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (19 May 2016)

On 19 May 2016, the APTLD Board held its monthly
teleconference and considered a range of matters, the most important
of which are published in this Communiqué.

Nomination of an APTLD Board

In compliance with papa 4.1.11 of the APTLD Constitution,
the Board designated Mr. Alireza Saleh of IRNIC as a new APTLD Board member.

Discussion of the Regional Capacity
Building Workshop

The Board was updated on and discussed preparations
for the Regional Capacity Building Workshop hosted by CNNIC and scheduled for
June 13-17 2016 in Beijing. The Board noted with satisfaction that preparations
for the Workshop are on schedule. It considered the draft agenda proposed by
the host and suggested GM and Secretariat promptly notify members of the opportunity
to participate in the Workshop and contribute to it as presenters/lecturers.

Adoption of the APTLD
Subregional Workshop Policy

The Board discussed a draft APTLD Subregional
Workshops Fellowship Policy and adopted it with modifications suggested by Board
members. The Board suggested GM promptly make the Policy available to APTLD
members to ensure it is in use already for the upcoming subregional capacity
building workshop in Beijing.

Discussion and Approval of the
Draft Agenda for APTLD70

The Board considered the modified Draft Agenda for
APTLD70, adopted it as is and suggested GM make it available on the APTLD
website as well as on social media to encourage early registrations and
volunteers to fill out speaker slots.

Financial Statement – April 2016

The Board discussed
the April 2016 Financial Statement and noted with satisfaction that its
execution has been carried out in line with the initial projections.

Participation in IETF97 in Seoul

The Board discussed a
possibility to fund an APTLD member’s representative’s participation in IETF97
in Seoul on 13-18 November 2016 and suggested GM send a Call to members for
competition based application process based on ISOC/IETF selection criteria,
with nominations presented to the Board for the final selection in a timely

Discussion of Promotion of
APTLD’s Identity on Social Media

The Board received the
GM’s update on APTLD activities on social media and noted with satisfaction
their degree and progress in reaching out to targeted audience. The Board is
supportive of the idea to encourage APTLD members have their marketing/PR
officers contribute to APTLD activities on social media to generate synergies
and raise awareness of all the concerned parties’ brands. 

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