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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (15 December 2016)

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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (15 December 2016)

On 15 December 2016, the APTLD Board held its teleconference
considered a range of matters. A summary of the meeting is published in this

An Update on Progress in Preparations
for APTLD71

The Board discussed preparations for APTLD71 and AGM
and noted with satisfaction a good progress to date. The Board also suggested further efforts should be made to increase
the technical community’s awareness of the upcoming Meeting to ensure a greater
turnout for the technical-track sessions.

Consideration of the Policy
Development Procedure and Rules for APTLD.

The Board considered the current practices and
developments in the PDP area and noted the need to develop a simple and
efficient framework which should enable a broad Members’ participation in the
policy development process. The Board suggested APTLD staff should develop main
points to further draft as straw-man proposal for consideration by the Board
and the APTLD community.

Consideration of Members’
APTLD71 Fellowship applications and Selection of APTLD Fellows

The Board received GM’s update on nominations for
APTLD71 Fellowships and unanimously selected Ms. Ahlam M. Abu-Jadallah, Head of
National Domain Names Division of .JO, and Mr. Saif Ahmed Al-Mashadi, CEO of
.IQ, as APTLD71 Fellows.

The Board also supported GM’s proposal to co-sponsor Mr.
Berry Amol, Manager of Operations of .PG, and Mr. Nicolau Santos Celestino, CEO
of .TL whose travels for APTLD71 are sponsored by ISOC AP Bureau. The Board
expressed its appreciation to ISOC AP Bureau for the support of APTLD members.

Update on
Progress in Concluding the APTLD Website Revamp Contract

The Board received an update on the matter and noted
with satisfaction that the Contract with the vendor has been signed in
accordance with the schedule. The Board suggested GM should follow up on the
matter to ensure the project remains on track.

Financial Statement – November

The Board discussed
the November 2016 Financial Statement and noted with satisfaction that
execution of the budget has been carried out in line with the initial
projections, and APTLD is poised to report a positive balance at the end of the
year. Board members also noted the need in expanding the number of
capacity-building initiatives and projects for members

Consideration and Approval of
the 2017 APTLD Budget

The Board considered
the draft 2017 APTLD Budget and noted with satisfaction that the Treasurer and
GM jointly revised it in line with the Board’s recommendations. The Board
agreed to GM’s suggestion to further explore the need for creating and filling
a vacancy of Communication and Policy Analysis Officer for APTLD.

The Board also suggested the 2017 APTLD Budget
should be tabled for the AGM as is for its further consideration and adoption
by AGM.

Consideration of the Possibility
to Hold an Annual Call with Members CEOs

The Board received a
GM’s update on the matter and suggested GM promptly put forward a specific date
for an Annual Board Teleconference with Members’ CEOs to be held in January
2017 using the Adobe Connect platform.

Consideration of the Board
Comments on the 2016 Members Survey

The Board considered the draft Comments on the 2016
Members Survey and suggested it should form a part of the agenda of its Annual
Board Teleconference with Members’ CEOs

The Board also
considered a number of other administrative and financial matters.

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