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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (20 May 2015)

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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (20 May 2015)

The APTLD Board meets monthly and
considers a range of matters, the most important of which to be henceforward
published in Communiqué.

The Board had its regular teleconference on 20 May.

The APTLD budget implementation

The Board has noted
that the APTLD Budget is executed in line with the 2015 projections.

Secretariat and Accountant
Contracts were approved

The Board has ruled to
extend both the Secretariat and Accountant contracts for two more years
effective of 30 June 2015.

Application for the permanent
guest status with APECTEL approved

The Board has taken notice of the GM’s
report on his participation in the APECTEL meeting and recommended GM apply for
the 3-year Guest Status with APECTEL to ensure meaningful contribution to
awareness-raising and information exchange in the region.

The Board is of
opinion that individual members may find it appropriate to engage in these
activities where an APECTEL meeting is held on their home soil and suggested GM
keep members updated on APECTEL activities and forthcoming meetings.

The Charter of Working Group on
Geographic Diversity and Representation on the Board (GDRWG) approved

The Board has approved
the GDRWG Charter and looks forward to the WG’s contribution to the shaping of
a more balanced representation geography-wise and recommendations as to
encouragement of APTLD members to stand for the Board

The draft RFP for the new APTLD
website approved

The Board has found
the APTLD website inadequate, approved an RFP and suggested GM make it publicly
available to enable members and other interested parties to submit their bids
for further consideration

Preparations for, and
participation in, APrIGF

The Board has taken
notice of the GM’s report on preparations for the upcoming APrIGF and expressed
support to individual members’ workshop applications that qualified for the
Forum. The Board has also urged GM to encourage a broad participation of the
APTLD community representatives in the Forum

The draft agenda for the APTLD
meeting in Jakarta approved

The Board has approved
the draft agenda for the APTLD meeting in Jakarta and recommended GM and
Secretariat make it publicly available to ensure early registration for the
APTLD members and speakers’ nomination and self-nomination.

The APTLD Fellowship eligibility
criteria approved

The Board has resolved
that 1 (one) APTLD Fellowship would be made available for the upcoming meeting
in Jakarta for those APTLD members that meet the following eligibility
criteria: the number of registrations in the applicant’s ccTLD is under 20,000;
the applicant provided a substantiated rationale for his/her participation in
the Meeting, including delivery of a full-fledged presentation that falls under
an agenda item; and that APTLD member has its 2015 membership fee fully paid.

Applications for associate
membership in APTLD approved

The Board has
unanimously approved applications for associate membership from UANIC (.УКР (the IDN ccTLD for
Ukraine)) and ISOC Armenia (.AM (ccTLD for Armenia))

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