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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (21 April 2016)

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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (21 April 2016)

On 21 April 2016, the APTLD Board held its monthly
teleconference and considered a range of matters, the most important
of which are published in this Communiqué.

Resignation of Yousef Sarairah
from the Board

The Board noted that Yousef Sarairah has left the
Jordan National Information Technology Center and in accordance with para
14.2.7 of the APTLD Constitution tendered his resignation as a Board member.
The Board accepted Yousef Sarairah’s resignation and expressed gratitude for
his services to the community. The Board also suggested GM follow the procedure
set forth in the APTLD Constitution to ensure the vacated seat is filled in due

Discussion of the APTLD70 Agenda

The Board noted with satisfaction that preparations
for the Members Meeting are on schedule. It considered the draft agenda
proposed by GM and recommended that a few changes should be made therein to
fully reflect members’ interests and requirements, and suggested it be
published on the APTLD website and promoted in social media to make it widely
available to the APTLD members by mid-May.

Application for Associate
Membership by the National Telecommunication Corporation of Pakistan

The Board received an update from GM on clarifications
submitted by NTC following the first round of consideration of the application
and found them satisfactory. The Board decided to accept NTC as a new Associate
member in APTLD, and requested GM follow up with NTC on procedural and
organizational details of NTC becoming an Associate Member of APTLD.

Consideration of the Initiative
to Broaden Cooperation with I* Organizations

The Board considered Gihan Dias’s briefing on the need
to expand cooperation with I* organizations, including ISOC and RIPE NCC, and
suggested GM follow up on the possibility to enter into MoUs with these two

The Board also the request by ISOC to arrange an IETF
Fellowship for APTLD members. Gihan Dias’s briefed the Board members on the
background of the request, and the advantages of APTLD members taking part in
the IETF standards-making process. The Board agreed on the appropriateness of sponsoring
a person from an APTLD member for a fellowship to attend the IETF, and
requested GM to negotiate with ISOC to define criteria by which an APTLD
member’s representative will be selected as a fellow to the IETF Meeting in
Seoul in November 2016.

Financial Statement – March 2016

The Board discussed
the March 2016 Financial Statement and noted with satisfaction that most
ordinary members have observed the membership fee payment timelines and
suggested GM and Accounts contacted the rest of the members to encourage
payment of their fees in a timely manner. The Board also recommended GM ensure
timely updates of the APTLD budget figures

In conclusion, the
Board considered a number of administrative matters.

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