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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (19 July 2018)

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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (19 July 2018)

On 19 July 2018, the APTLD Board held its regular
teleconference meeting and considered a range of matters. A summary
of the meeting is published in this Communiqué.

GM’s Update on Progress in Preparations for APTLD74

The Board noted with satisfaction a steady growth in registrations for
the Meeting, which testifies to Members’ greater interest in it. The Board also
noted with gratitude the external sponsorship of the Meeting.

of the Possibility, Agenda, and Timeline of the Executive Call with Members

The Board considered Agenda options and the timeline for the annual
Executive Call with Members and suggested Vice Chair Gihan Dias, interested
Board Members, and GM set up the date and develop the agenda for the Call to
take place well in advance to AGM-2019

APTLD75 Agenda Bashing

The Board considered the updated draft APTLD75 Agenda and supported the
concept of ensuring synergy with the ICANN’s Middle East DNS Forum, subject to
further consultations with the APTLD community.

Consideration of the GM’s Update
on the State and Execution of the 2018 APTLD Budget and Update on the 2018
Membership Fee Collection Campaign

The Board received
GM’s update on the matter and noted with satisfaction that that the budget keeps
being in line with the original projections.

of the APTLD Representative to the AP* Organizations Meeting in Numea, New
Caledonia, in September 2018

The Board considered a
GM’s update on Hiro Hotta of JPRS having volunteered to represent APTLD at the
AP*Organizations Meeting in Numea, New Caledonia, in September 2018 and
supported his mission. The Board expressed its gratitude to Hiro Hotta for his
gracious effort and the hope to have his update on the Meeting outcome.

of the APTLD’s External Communication Efforts

The Board took a notice of a growing interest in
APTLD activities on the part of external actors, including mass media and
suggested interested Board Members together with GM develop respective
guidelines to ensure a proper coverage of APTLD’s profile and activities in the
international media.

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