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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (18 May 2017)

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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (18 May 2017)

On 18 May 2017, the
APTLD Board held its teleconference
and considered a range of matters. A summary
of the meeting is published in this Communiqué.

Consideration of the GM’s Update on Progress in
Preparations for APTLD72

The Board received an
update on preparations for APTLD72 and noted with satisfaction a substantial
progress in registrations for the Meeting. The Board suggested GM further
encourage both Board members and APTLD community take a more proactive approach
to filling in speaking slots and seize on session moderation opportunities.

Consideration of Applications for APTLD72 Fellowships
and Selection of APTLD72 Fellows

The Board considered
members applications for APTLD72 and selected Messrs. Ankhzaya Tseden (.MN) and
Baha Khasawneh (.JO) as APTLD72 Fellows

Setting up a Board Program Committee for Development
Members Meetings Agenda

The Board discussed
the need for operationalizing and streamlining the process of development of
future APTLD Meetings agenda and ruled to establish a Program Committee to be
chaired by Gihan Dias, pending his agreement, the Board Vice Chair, and
suggested GM draft Terms of Reference for it.

Consideration of an Update on Progress in the APTLD Website Revamp
Project Implementation

The Board received a
GM’s update on the status of the New Website Revamp Project implementation and
noted with satisfaction that the Website is now scheduled to be ready for beta
testing, up and running – by mid-June, and fully operational by APTLD72.

Consideration of APTLD’s Contribution to the Asia
Pacific Internet Governance Academy

The Board considered a
GM’s memorandum on the matter and ruled that GM should represent APTLD at APIGA
and suggested GM develop a Call for APTLD members for APTLD-funded fellowship
for the 2nd APIGA to become effective of 1 June 2017.

Consideration of GM’s Update on the State and
Execution of the 2017 APTLD Budget

The Board considered
the update and noted with satisfaction that the 2017 Budget is executed in line
with the original projections. The Board noted with satisfaction a significant
progress in collection of membership fees and suggested GM further encourage
members to honor their obligations in a timely manner.

Consideration of the Location of APTLD73

The Board received a
GM’s update on the matter and approved the concept of co-location of APTLD73
with APNIC/APRICOT in Kathmandu, Nepal, with the Meeting dates of 22 and 23
February 2018

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