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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (15 June 2017)

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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (15 June 2017)

On 15 June 2017, the
APTLD Board held its teleconference
and considered a range of matters. A summary of the
meeting is published in this Communiqué.

Consideration of the GM’s Update on Progress in
Preparations for APTLD72

The Board received an
update on preparations for APTLD72 and noted with satisfaction a substantial
progress in filling out speaking slots at the panel sessions. The Board agreed
to the need to further the effort by taking the lead both as moderators and

Consideration of Applications for the Asia Pacific
Internet Governance Academy Fellowship and Selection of the APIGA-2017 Fellow

The Board considered
members’ applications for APTLD72 and decided to award two Fellowships to Mr.
Yu Liu (.CN) and Ms. Undraa Baatar (.MN).

Consideration of the Need for Development of APTLD
Directors and Officers Insurance and Indemnification Policy

The Board discussed
the effective arrangement in the Constitution and agreed that it is
insufficient in scope. The Board suggested GM engage with lawyers to bring the
indemnification arrangements up to modern corporate governance standards.

Consideration of GM’s Update on the State and
Execution of the 2017 APTLD Budget

The Board considered
the update and noted with satisfaction that the 2017 Budget is executed in line
with the original projections. The Board noted that a few Members have not yet
honored their commitments and suggested GM engages with them in a more
consistent fashion.

Consideration of the GM /Treasurer’s Proposal on Venue
Options for APTLD73 and Selection of the Venue

As prescribed by the
APTLD SOP on Procurement and Finance, the Board considered options for the
APTLD73 venue and selected the one suggested by GM and Treasurer, and Supported
by Chair. The Bard suggested GM engage with the venue to secure it for the

Consideration of the GM’s Memorandum on a Training to
Trainers Project

The Board considered
GM’s suggestion to partner with ICANN to launch a region-wide project with a
special focus on underserved areas to train Members’ representatives in
delivering DNSSEC training classes. The Board suggested GM further engage with
ICANN to carry out steps necessary for the project implementation and measuring
how effective each of the proposed training sessions are so that will guide the
community and also help get feedback from participants in the project.

Consideration of an Update on Progress
in the APTLD Website Revamp Project Implementation

Board received the GM’s update and recommended the website development team
improve the beta version with a full account of additional comments and
recommendations made as a result of the beta testing of the website.

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