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Schedule of APTLD 2018 Board Election

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7 November 2017

The following three incumbent Board Members will finish their terms towards the end of 2017:

DIAS, Gihan (.LK)
SALEH, Alireza (.IR)
Mr. Dias was elected as a Board member at the 2016 AGM for the term through 2018 AGM. Mr. Saleh was re-appointed for a one-year term in office between the 2017 AGM thrlough the 2018 AGM. Mr. Karabardak was appointed to the Board earlier this year pursuant to the Board’s decision to fill office vacated due to an early resignation of Mr. Paul Szyndler (.AU) for the term through the 2018 AGM. Also, Mr. LIM Choon Sai (.SG) is resigning mid-term from the Board.
Therefore, a total of four Board positions will have to be elected by end-February 2018. Each will have a term of 2 years till 2020 AGM.
Please note that only ordinary members who have paid their membership fees for 2018 by 11 January 2018 will be eligible to stand and/or vote.
Election Timetable
– Confirm the List of Voting Representative: Before 14 Dec 2017
– Nomination Period: 2-10 Jan 2018
– Announce the Slate of Candidates: 15 Jan 2018
– Voting Period: 17-25 Jan 2018
– Result Announcement: 31 Jan 2018

For nomination rules, voting rules and the complete timetable, please refer to the following document for details.

ATTACHMENT: Schedule of APTLD 2018 Board Election

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