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Call for EuroSSIG Fellowship

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Application Deadline: May 20, 2018


APTLD (Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association) is a
membership-based, non-for-profit organization that serves ccTLD (country-code
Top Level Domain) registries in Asia Pacific region.

APTLD operates as the forum of information exchange
regarding technological and operational issues of domain name registries in
Asia Pacific region. As an interface to other international Internet
coordinating bodies, APTLD fosters and elevates participation of AP ccTLDs in
these global fora, as well as acts in the best interest of APTLD members in
global Internet policy making process.

The European Summer School on Internet Governance is a
pioneer institution of its kind, which offers one week academic courses to
students interested in learning about internet governance. The topics discussed
during the summer school include political, legal, economic, socio-cultural,
and technological issues but also bring in a wide range of issues affecting the
global Internet such as intellectual property, cybercrime, digital divide, new
market opportunities etc. Euro-SSIG was established by the University of Aarhus
and the Medienstadt Leipzig e.V. in 2007

To bolster the Asia Pacific ccTLD community’s capacity,
APTLD in cooperation with the European Summer School on Internet Governance (EuroSSIG),
offers 1 (one) Fellowship for the 2018 edition of EuroSSIG to be held in Meissen,
Germany, on 29 July-4 August 2018.

Fellows to the EuroSSIG attend the classes to gain
first-hand knowledge from the highly professional faculty and engage in
capacity building exercises.

The Fellowship to the EuroSSIG helps enhance APTLD
members’ awareness and expertise in the area of Internet Governance and
promotes their network of professional and community contacts outside the
domains industry.

to the EUROSSIG receives the following assistance:

The Fellowship covers the Fellow’s entry visa fee, air
travels (economy class), accommodation and per diem of USD50 through the
duration of the School, as well as tuition fees, and the right to participate
in social events associated with the EuroSSIG.

Upon completion of the course, the Fellow is presented
a certificate of participation.

key benefits of the Fellowship to the EuroSSIG
are that it:

●  helps
interested students and academics as well as individuals working in the private
sector or in government, to understand better the global Internet Governance

the students to get a comprehensive and structured knowledge on the various
aspects of Internet Governance;

the political, legal, economic, socio-cultural, technological and other
dimensions of the governance of the Internet;

abroad range of teaching formats;

delivered by renowned experts;

extensive networking and informal interaction between students and the faculty.

●  increases
the visibility of Fellows and prepares them to deliver more meaningful impacts
at the local and regional level.

Criteria for the APTLD Fellowship to the EuroSSIG

The pre-requisite for APTLD fellowship to EuroSSIG is
that applicants must be employees with the APTLD members, Ordinary and
Associate ones alike.

Also, an applicant should have a basic academic degree
(university undergraduate as a minimum) or relevant practical experience in the
ccTLD-related area and originate from and reside in an emerging or developing
economy, which traditionally have low rates of participation in the EuroSSIG.

applicants should not have been awarded an
APTLD Fellowship since 1 January 2017 onwards.

Furthermore, selection
criteria for the Fellowship are guided by the following considerations in
determining the priority of applicants:

of various AP sub-regions;

of development of Internet Governance in the applicants’ economies;

of  applicants in the Internet Governance
in their respective economy;

of applicants in applying or implementing what they will learn from the EuroSSIG.

Please note that the working language of the EuroSSIG
is English. Individuals applying for the Fellowship should be comfortable and
able to follow policy and technical discussions in the English language.

as established by the APTLD Fellowship policies, General Manager may at his/her
discretion set up a conference call with an applicant to test his/her level of
command of the English language. The findings of the interview should be
reported to the Board to make an informed decision on the applicant’s
eligibility for the Fellowship

applicant is expected to:

Attend the EuroSSIG classes, plenary sessions, and workshops
sessions throughout the duration of the School;

Share the experience and knowledge gained at the EuroSSIG
with their local communities when they return home;

Draft and submit to APTLD a brief account (testimonial)
of his/her participation in the School; and

Assist with administrative aspects of the EuroSSIG,
including completion of necessary educational, reference and research documents

to apply and the application process timelines

Present a brief bionote (up to 200 words), a letter of
reference from the employer, and a strong motivation (up to 300 words) for
attending EuroSSIG, including demonstrating a strong sense of:

what he/she intends to accomplish or get out of
attending EuroSSIG;

how attending EuroSSIG would help him/her in work or
study, and

how he/she intends to apply thus gained experience
when upon return to the home country.

The record of an active contribution to Internet
Governance events, initiatives and projects is a plus.

These documents are provided in an arbitrary format in
a single PDF file

Please complete the papers required and submit them to
GM at:
l.todorov@aptld.org until May 20, 2018.

call closes on May 20, 2018 at 23:59 Moscow time (UTC+3).

GM, in consultation with the APTLD Board, will review
the applications and announces the selectee on
May 22, 2018

Subsequently, EuroSSIG and GM APTLD begin the process
of logistically supporting the selectee’s attendance in
late-May 2018

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