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Election 2016 | Preliminary Notification for Members

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Dear Members:
This is to remind you that the following five incumbent Board Members will finish their terms towards the end of 2016:
CHEN, Ting (Cherie) (.CN),
GUEST, Stafford (.NU),
LIM, Choon Sai (.SG),
LU, Ai-Chin (.TW),

SALEH, Alireza (.IR).

Mr. Lim, Ms. Lu and Ms. Chen were appointed for the regular two-year term from the 2015 AGM to the 2017 AGM. Mr. Guest was re-appointed for a one-year term in office between the 2016 AGM through the 2017 AGM. Mr. Saleh was appointed to the Board earlier this year pursuant to the Board’s decision to fill office vacated due to an early resignation of Mr. Yousef Sarairah (.JO) for the term through the 2017 AGM.
Therefore, a total of five Board positions will have to be elected by end-February 2017, for the term of 2 years each.
The period for nominations for candidates for the APTLD Board Election will be announced soon.

Nomination rules
1. Each member’s voting representative can nominate one candidate. Please note that a candidate should not be one of those who already have a Board term.
2. Self-nomination is acceptable.
3. Nominee does not have to be ccTLD manager, but does have to be an employee of and representing the ordinary member ccTLD.
4. Nomination mail should be sent be to election2017@aptld.org.
5. To nominate a candidate, members should send the candidate’s full name, organization affiliation, business title, country of residence, residence address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, passportsize photo (if possible) and a brief biography and statement.
6. Nomination list will be announced and posted on APTLD website and sent to all members by email.

Leonid Todorov
General Manager

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