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Result of 2017 APTLD Board Election

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Dear Members,
APTLD 2017 Board Election voting has closed on 8 February 2017. The results have been reviewed and agreed by independent scrutineers as below in alphabetical order by surnames:
For the seats with term of two years (2017-2019 AGM):
● (.NU) Mr. Stafford Guest
(.SG) Mr. Choon Sai Lim
(.TW) Ms. Ai-Chin Lu
(.KR) Ms. Min Jung Park
(.CN) Ms. Xiao Zhang

For the seat with term of one year (2017-2018 AGM):

(.IR) Mr. Alireza Saleh

The new Board members will take office at APTLD 2017 AGM in Ho Chi Minh City.
Congratulations to the newly elected Board Members!

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