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APTLD Hosted its Inaugural Capacity-Building Webinar

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Dear Members:
APTLD has hosted the inaugural webinar at which APTLD Members – Hoster.BY (the IDN ccTLD registry for Belarus) IRNIC, and UANIC (the IDN ccTLD registry for Ukraine – provided peer counselling to another member – NCT of Pakistan – on optimal technical solutions to ensure a successful launch of the nation’s IDN. The Webinar is held using an Adobe Connect teleconferencing facility APTLD acquired for its members to use on an unlimited, free basis on

request. Many thanks to the participants and congrats to the community on this truly milestone development!

Purpose of APTLD Webinars
Help members learn from each other and/or from external session leaders sharing unique knowledge; and
● Attend APTLD Meetings and sub-regional workshops remotely

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