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THANK YOU Jakarta!

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, Jakarta – Hello,

With the Meeting in Jakarta already a part of APTLD’s
legacy, it proved a groundbreaking event for veterans and newcomers alike, and
a testbed for new forms of collaboration and interaction.

The APTLD community welcomed the APTLD Fellowship
Program awardees – .tj (Tajikistan) and .tl (Timor-Leste). They were joined by
.np (Nepal), once a member and, hopefully, a soon-to-be member again. Two more
newcomers at this meeting were .kz (Kazakhstan) and .УКР, the IDN ccTLD for Ukraine.

For the first time ever, the members were encouraged
to contribute to a crowd-sourcing exercise– a real fun and win-win effort for
all parties.

The Meeting marked a new level cooperation between
APTLD and I* organizations, which resulted in a number of co-sponsored
activities, including a full-day training session for members to ensure TLD
resilience, joint sessions, and co-sponsorship of some APTLD members’
participation in the Meeting.

Last but not least, our host ccTLD registry – PANDI –
should be highly commended for an outstanding efficiency in organization and
conduct of a huge event. Needless to say, the PANDI team showed us genuine
Indonesian cordiality at its best, as if they were deploying hundreds of jinni
to take care of everyone and everything at all times!

So, terima kasih, thank you, Pandi. Now we
look forward to the country of haka, kiwis, and hobbits, of course. Hello, New
Zealand! We are gearing up for our next meeting in Auckland on 18-19 February


September 12, 2015

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