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APTLD Contributes to APIGA

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12 August 2019

The 2019 edition of Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy kicked off  in Seoul, Korea. Co-sponsored by KISA and ICANN, a week-long annual regional event attracts next generation of future industry and community leaders to study and apply  Internet Governance  principles and norms.
APTLD and its membership are proud for supporting APIGA  since the inception: in addition to KISA (.KR) as its host,  there are experts from .ID, .JP, ..NZ,  TW , as well as GM, to contribute to the Academy as faculty members and presenters.
APTLD and KISA also teamed up to sent two APTD Fellows to the Academy.
APTLD remains committed to its mission of facilitation of high-quality knowledge and best practices exchange to the community across the region.

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