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Minute for the first AP* At Large Meeting

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Date and Time: 24th November, 2001

Place: Marriot Hotel, Marina del Rey, USA



1. Status Report for National and Regional
At Large Organization

After the last At Large election, At Large membership has not

been existed any more except Korea and Japan. But in Japan

it is not active any more. Korea just launched it again as “Korea

Internet Forum” and will have an General Asembly on Jan. 2002.


2. At Large, (ICANN Board, At Large
Council) Election Procedure

In the next ICANN meeting in Ghana, the next At Large election

will be considered. The election will be done within the next year.

It maybe possible to have some kind of regional structure.

So, in the AP region we should prepare it as soon as possible.


3. Election Volunteering


4. Schedule/Next Steps

Nov. 2001 (ICANN)

Dec. 2001(IETF)

Jan.  2001(APAN)

Mar. 2001(APRICOT)

Mar. 2001(ICANN)

Jun.  2001(East Europe)


may creat “AP At Large” session during the next APRICOT 2002

Bangkok, and we need to discuss the schedule, plan, etc. in detail.


5. Mailing Lists

It will be created a mailing list as soon as possible:


We decided contact points in each country

.kr: JH Choi, HY Kang

.kh: Norbert Klein

.my: Ramish

.jp:  Ogura

.tw: Anthony Lee

.ph: Zenaida

.sg:Tan TinWee

.cn: Mao Wei

.tj: Asomiddin

ALSC : Pindar


6. Participants List

Jeonghye Choi, IAK, jhchoi@iak.ne.kr

Yashar Majiyer, Internews, GIPI, yashar@internews.ozeriz.com

Norbert Klein, Open Forum of Cambodia, norbert@forum.org.kh

Nino Kantseva-Gafasjvili, Internews, GIPI, nina@internews.ge

Ramesh Nadarajak, MIMOS, ramesh@mimos.my

Abhisak Chulya, ccTLD Secretariat, abhisak@wwtld.org

Vicent W.S Chen, TWNIC, wschen@twnic.net.tw

Joanna Tso, TWNIC, joanna@twnic.net.tw

Albert Wang, TWNIC, albert@twnic.net.tw

Toshimaru Ogura, JCANET/NaST, ogr@nsknet.org

Anthony S. Lee, TWNIC, anthoy@twnic.net.tw

Hye-young Kang, KRNIC, hykang@nic.or.kr

Zenaida M.gat, PSDN, zeni@psdn.org.ph

Byung-Kyu Kim, Asia Pacific Joint Secretariat, bkkim@nic.or.kr

Tan Tinwee, National Univ of Singapore, tinwee@bic.nus.edu.sg

S.H. Kyoung, KAIST, shkang@kgsm.kaist.ac.kr

Asomiddin Hoev, GIPI TJ, aso@internews.tj

Gilbert Lumantao, IT Lawprderam, gilbert.lumantao@mailgity.com

Adam Peake, GLOCOM, ajp@glocom.ac.jp

Mao Wei, CNNIC, mao@cnnic.net.cn

Eung Hwi Chun, PeaceNet, 

Seung Yeon Yoo, ccTLD Secretariat, syyoo@wwtld.org


7. the 2nd AP* At Large Next Meeting

1st March 2002 13:00-18:00, Bangkok, Tailand

during the APRICOT 2002 in Bangkok




ByungKyu Kim

Asia Pacific Joint Secretariat

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