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Newsletter (January 2004)

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1. What’s New (01/12/2003 – 31/01/2004)

APTLD Kuala Lumpur Technical Workshop and Annual General Meeting

APTLD Kuala Lumpur Annual Meeting will be held on 26th February at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in conjunction with APRICOT 2004. In addition to internal matters, ICANN and ccNSO issues will be drawn more attentions. AGM also includes a session with IANA General Manager, Mr Doug Barton. He will do a short presentation on what’s in the pipeline for IANA in 2004, followed by a Q&A.

Registration now is available at http://www.aptld.org/meeting/2004KL/Online_Registration_01.htm

Detailed meeting agenda will be soon posted on APTLD website.

Focusing on Domain Name System and its current trends, APTLD’s 2nd Technical Workshop is also scheduled on 24th February. This workshop is included in the “Internet Resource Management Essentials”, which is the open tutorial session co-hosted by APNIC. Schedule of the tutorials can be found at:

http://www.aptld.org/file/APTLD_Technical_Workshop_Program.htm and http://www.apnic.net/meetings/17/programme/index.html

2004 APTLD Board Election

Based on the Constitution and the lawyers’ confirmation, 5 Board seats are up for fresh elections before APTLD Kuala Lumpur Annual General Meeting. Nomination for the current election is available at APTLD website. (more)

APRICOT 2004 will be held in Kuala Lumpur from 23-27 February

Hosted by PIKOM, APRICOT 2004, the ninth eighth APRICOT, will be held at Kuala Lumpur form 23 to 27 February. Pre-conference workshops are from 18 to 22. More information can be found at www.apricot2004.net.

Next ICANN Meetings to be held in Rome, Italy

Hosted by Register.it and The Institute of Informatics and Telematics of the Italian National Council of Research, the next ICANN Meetings will be held on 2-6 March in Rome, Italy. On-line pre-registration is available now. Information regarding the area, the meeting, and local hotels is available at ICANN and local websites.

As usual, ccTLD managers will meet in the first two days of ICANN Rome Meetings for discussion and wrapping up issues before ICANN Board Meeting. Detailed agenda will be available soon at http://www.wwtld.org/meetings/cctld/20040302.Rome-documents.html.

ICANN’s Clarification of Legal Issues from ccNSO LG Questions

The ccNSO Launching Group forwarded a set of questions it had received from the community, requesting clarification of legal issues surrounding the ccNSO. Please find below my response to these questions. (more)

ccNSO Membership Application Achieve in Dec 2003 and Jan 2004

6 ccNSO membership applications are received from December 2003. A total of 33 applications were approved. (more)

Involvement of Global Individual User Community Increasing in ICANN
In an important step towards fulfilling the ICANN’s objective to have informed, structured participation of the individual Internet user community (“At-Large”), six organizations in three geographic regions have received “At-Large Structure” certification. (more)

DNS Infrastructure Recommendation by ICANN SAC

A key element of the DNS infrastructure is the delegation of zones. Beginning with the root of the DNS (“.”), each zone administrator has the authority to delegate sub-zones to other responsible parties. Each sub-zone becomes another delegation point in the DNS infrastructure tree. The correct operation of the delegation hierarchy is essential to the stability of the DNS. (more)

Geneva Phase of the World Summit on the Information Society

The first phase of WSIS took place in Geneva hosted by the Government of Switzerland from 10 to 12 December 2003. It addressed the broad range of themes concerning the Information Society and adopted a Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action. (more)

2. Members’ Corner (01/12/2003 – 31/01/2004)

welcome new members

.jo: National Information Technology Centre

.nf: Norfolk Island Data Services

.tk: Dot TK

from .au


Call for Web Name Reform

Reforms were needed to ensure high-profile personalities’ names were not misused for websites, Australia’s domain administrator said today. (more)


Domain regulator labels DNA brawl as biggest consumer issue

The mail-out of 500,000 allegedly misleading advertisements by Domain Names Australia (DNA) was the biggest issue in the domain name market to affect consumers in 2003. (more)


Domain name resellers face regular audits

Resellers in the .au domain name space will come under greater scrutiny after auDA introduced new regulations this week. (more)


Domain names for communities

Australian domain names restricted for use by community website portals are being planned, with domain administrator auDA calling for community feedback. (more)


New Community Geographic Domain Names – Documents Published for Comment

auDA is seeking public feedback about the implementation of new second level domains (2LDs) for community use of Australian geographic domain names. (more)

from .cn


.CN domain name usage surges 130% to over 300,000

The number of registrations of .CN, China’s top-level domain name, totaled over 300,000 as of the end of November 2003, and the figure is growing at about 10,000 per month, CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) official Sun Lemin told Interfax in an interview. (more)


CNNIC Initiated 13rd Statistical Survey on the Internet Development in China

The statistical information on quantity of host computers, Internet users, the distribution of users and information traffics, the registration of domain names and the like are quite important for government decision makers and valuable for commercial enterprises to make their business decisions. (more)


China promotes own Internet domain

Local operators have been encouraged to adopt “cn”, China’s national domain for domestic Websites, and so far the number of Chinese Websites using “cn” has exceeded 300,000, a spokesman for the Internet Bureau of the StateCouncil Press Office said here Wednesday. (more)

from .kr


A Further Advanced Internet Infrastructure in Korea

KRNIC established the “International Root DNS Center” with the aim of securing a safe and reliable foundation for the Internet and to provide convenient services. Its opening ceremony is to be held today (on the 2nd) in  the presence of government officials including Chin Dae-je, Minister of Information and Communication. (more)


Growing Wireless Internet Penetration led by the youth population

Wireless Internet has not been deeply rooted in the everyday lives of Korean people but it is spreading gradually. In particular Wireless Internet is showing a solid growth rate among the youth population who tend to accept new technologies readily. This is similar to what happened in the initial stage of wired Internet penetration. (more)


KRNIC Holds ‘International Seminar on Internet Resources Management’ in Cambodia

As part of an effort to build IT fundamentals and promote informatization in less developed Southeast Asian countries, the ‘International Seminar on Internet Resources Management’ was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for two days. (more)


KRNIC published “2003 Internet Statistics Korea”

KRNIC published ‘2003 Internet Statistics Korea’ to provide an at-a-glance description of Internet use in Korea. (more)

from .my


Launch of New Personal Domain Name Category

MYNIC is pleased to announce that registration for its newly introduced personal domain names (PDNs) category, “.name.my”, will be open on Tuesday 10 February 2004. (more)

from .nu


Niue’s WiFi Internet Survived Cyclone’s Devastation

.NU Domain Ltd. today announced the successful restoration of the devastated island of Niue’s Internet link and WiFi services. On January 5th, cyclone Heta, a category 5 cyclone with winds travelling at 300 kph, ripped through the island, destroying everything in its path, including the hospital, hotels, the island’s telecommunications antenna and numerous homes. All electricity and communications links were cut and fuel storage tanks were destroyed, leaving Niueans with no communication capabilities with the rest of the world until last weekend. (more)

from .nz


NZ Registry calls for RFI over SRS

The company that runs the New Zealand register of domain names, .nzRegistry Serviceshas issued a “request for information” (RFI) relating to the outsourcing of its various systems. (more)


.NZ Domain Name Fee Reduction Announced

InternetNZ is reducing by 12.5% the wholesale domain name fee charged to authorised .nz registrars by nz Registry Services (NZRS). (more)


InternetNZ & CityLink Public IPv6 Test-bed

InternetNZ is funding the construction and operation of a “public access” IPv4/IPv6 test-bed jointly with CityLink, from January 2004, for an initial six month period. The test-bed comprises two IPv4/IPv6 tunnel gateways that connect with the already existing IPv6 peering network at Auckland’s APE6 and Wellington’s WIX6 Exchanges, joined by a one megabit IPv6 data bridge between the cities. (more)

from .ph


New ICT commission might decide fate of ‘.ph’ domain

THE newly created Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Commission would likely become the “external policy board” set to implement the new government policies on the administration of the “.ph” Internet domain, an official said. (more)


Domain name rules out by yearend

More order in the administration of domain names in the Philippines may be expected as the advisory board completes the oversight guidelines by the yearend. (more)

from .tv


.tv – False Hopes on Fantasy Island

Of all the dreams fueled by dotcom hype, few were more irrationally exuberant than those of Tuvalu, a dirt-poor nation of 11,300 citizens living on nine South Pacific atolls. (more)

from .tw


Survey Report on Taiwan’s 2003 Q4 Internet Bandwidth

Together with FIND and Net Consumers Association/tw, TWNIC published survey report on Taiwan’s 2003 Q4 Internet Bandwidth. Until the end of December 2003, Taiwan’s International Bandwidth has reached 44,923Mbps, up 81% from Q3. (more information in the Traditional Chinese Version)


Overseas .tw Registration Service is now open

With the worldwide rollout of .tw, TWNIC and NeuLevel have forged a unique alliance. Businesses and organizations worldwide can register third-level (.com.tw, .org.tw, .idv.tw) .TW names on a “first come, first served” (FCFS) basis. (more)

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