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Newsletter (November 2003)

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1. What’s New (01/10/2003 – 30/11/2003)

APTLD Wellington Technical Workshop and Members’/Board Meetings

APTLD’s first Technical Workshop was held on 21~22 November at Wellington, New Zealand in conjunction with APTLD Members’/Board Meetings. Technical Experts from each member ccTLDs has come to Wellington and shared experiences with members. Workshop agenda and presentations can be found at http://www.aptld.org/aptld2003/files/APTLD_Technical_Workshop_Program_02.htm.

Members have got assembled on 23rd for discussing and drafting APTLD’s future development. Committees, which were established and reconfirmed, will play a significant role in leading APTLD’s activities. Some working schedules were also discussed at the meetings, including Board election and secretariat appointment. Reports on current international statuses were also presented such as ICANN Carthage, ccNSO Update, Regional At-Large Organisation and WSIS. (more)

APTLD’s next meeting will be held on 26th February 2004 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in conjunction with APRICOT 2004. (more)

APTLD and CENTR Crossover Observership

APTLD Board has resolved to admit CENTR as an APTLD observer at Wellington Meeting. Meanwhile, CENTR also approved APTLD’s application to become an observer at CENTR at Warsaw Meeting. It is believed that this will be beneficial for both regional organisations and the future development of Internet.

AD HOC APTLD Board Meeting at Carthage

On 30th October, an ad hoc Board Meeting was called and arranged during ICANN Carthage Meetings. It was mainly to discuss about APTLD Sponsorship Program and Wellington Technical Workshop/Meeting preparation. (more)

APTLD Sponsorship Program Working Guideline Finalised

For increasing awareness of the benefits of being a member of the APTLD and contribute to the adoption of best practice in DNS matters among ccTLDs in the Asia Pacific region, APTLD has finalized the Sponsorship Program Working Guideline. The Sponsorship Program is achieved by assisting ccTLDs in the Asia Pacific region who cannot themselves fund attendance at APTLD members meetings and/or technical workshops. (more)

ICANN Meetings in Carthage, Tunisia

The third round of ICANN meetings in 2003 was held on 27-31 October in Carthage, Tunisia. The ICANN Board adopted the several resolutions. (more)

ccNSO Members Meeting in Carthage, Tunisia

On 28 October 2003 in Carthage the Launching Group hosted the first ccNSO members meeting. This meeting began the process of discussing the election that will need to be held for members of the ccNSO Council. (more)

ccTLD Meetings in Carthage, Tunisia, 26-30 October 2003

Representing approximately 50 Country Code Top Level Domains, ccTLD Managers met at Carthage, Tunisia on June 26 to June 28 2003. (more)

ICANN Announces Appointment of General Manager, IANA

ICANN is pleased to announce that Mr. Doug Barton will be joining the company as General Manager, IANA. Given his technical training and experience working with the Domain Name System (DNS), Mr. Barton is particularly well suited for the position. (more)

Verisign’s Wildcard Service Deployment

On 15 September 2003, VeriSign unilaterally instituted a number of changes to the .com and .net Top Level Domain zones, including the deployment of a “wildcard” service. Since that time, there have been widespread expressions of concern about the impact of these changes on the security and stability of the Internet. (more)

2. Members’ Corner (01/10/2003 – 30/11/2003)

from .au


auDA Moves to Tighten Grip on Resellers

Australia’s domain name industry regulator has moved to tighten reseller compliance with its policies and codes in proposed changes to the current regulatory system. (more)


Domainz ‘key’ to Strategy

Melbourne IT, the new owner of Domainz, wants to make the original .nz registrar a key part of its international business. (more)


com.au and net.au Domain Registrations Exceed 350,000

auDA has announced that the combined number of com.au and net.au domain names has exceeded 350,000, triggering a 10% reduction in the price charged by AusRegistry to accredited registrars from 1 October 2003. (more)


New Community Geographic Domain Names – Documents Published for Comment

auDA is seeking public feedback about the implementation of new second level domains (2LDs) for community use of Australian geographic domain names. (more)

from .cx


DOT CX Policy Review

Dot CX is requesting input from interested parties on revisions to various CX ccTLD policies. The revisions are designed to assist in the interpretation of the Acceptable use Policy and the CX ccTLD Privacy Policy. Please follow the policy link above to download the draft policies in pdf format. (more)

from .hk


Pre-Annonucement on the Launch of Second-Level ‘.hk’ Domain Name (‘2LD’)

HKDNR is pleased to announce that the new Second-Level ‘.hk’ domain name (‘2LD’) will be launched tentatively by early 2004. The new 2LD refers to a shorter domain name category (eg ‘yourname.hk’) as compared to the existing 3rd level categories (eg ‘yourname.com.hk’). (more)

from .jp


JPRS Modified JP Domain Name Registration Services and Procedures
– To Meet the Needs of Emerging or New Companies –

JPRS implemented the following service changes based on the voice of the local Internet community. Along with this change, some parts of the registration rule documents have been revised. JPRS believes JP Domain Name would become more user-friendly by this change. (more)


Partial Closure of WHOIS Services

WHOIS is the mechanism to publish registered information for the purposes specified in the “Policy Document (in Japanese)” (more)

from .my


MYNIC Adds More Online Features

MYNIC is pleased to announce that MYNIC is making the process of modification more convenient and easier to use. Customers can now update the data pertaining to their domain names directly, without going through the process of faxing confirmation for verification and subsequent updating in the MYNIC Database. This new service will be launched on 8 October 2003. (more)

from .nz


Second Level Domains Policy Review

InternetNZ, through the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner, is reviewing the existing Second Level Domains policy. (more)


Cyber Law focus of new research fellowship at Victoria

From censorship and defamation to controlling spam and viruses, the brave new world of cyberspace law is to be the focus of a new research position in the Victoria University School of Law sponsored by InternetNZ. (more)


Zone Transfer Policy Review

InternetNZ is reviewing its policy regarding the release of the .nz zone file to organisations outside the registry company. The current policy can be seen at http://dnc.org.nz/content/zone_transfer.pdf (more)


2LD Discussion Document Released

The Domain Name Commissioner (DNC) has released a discussion document on remodelling the second level domain (2LD) in New Zealand. (more)

from .ph


DotPH Chief, Gov’t Agree to Cooperate

The “.ph” country domain administrator and chief executive of DotPH, Joel Disini, has expressed his willingness to cooperate with government to resolve long-standing and controversial issues surrounding the country domain, a top government official said. (more)

from .tw


TWNIC Launches IDN-standardised Chinese Domain Name Registration Service

For local’s convenience, TWNIC together with 6 local registrars have launched IDN-standardized Chinese Domain Name Registration Service on 17th November. In addition to series of campaigns for promoting IDN-standardised Chinese domain name, a specific registration service web site with a user-friendly format was set for increasing end-user’s understandings of this new service. (more information in the Traditional Chinese Version)


TWNIC call for public’s opinion on IP Policy and Resource Management

For providing Taiwan’s Internet communities more channels to participate in Asia Pacific IP/ASN policy making, TWNIC will hold the first IP Policy and Resource Management Meeting to assembly public’s opinions. By doing so, TWNIC tries to create a transparent policy making process in order to speed the national Internet development. (more information in the Traditional Chinese Version)

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